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Heraclitus of Ephesus, the ancient Greek philosopher hit the nail on the head when he said there was only one constant in life and that’s change. We all face change, some of us more than others. Sometimes change stops by on a daily basis while for others, he’s is an infrequent guest. But visit, change will.

I have had more than my fair share of change of late, especially since Covid hit. One minute I’m at home, the next I’m flying down to Cape Town to fulfil my motherly and grandmotherly duties. Why, just last week change came knocking at my door again, luring me back to Cape Town where I currently find myself.

You see, I found out my oldest son was planning to move my youngest son’s stuff out of his apartment by himself. Change recently sought out my youngest after he and his wife moved back to Finland last year during the height of our first lockdown in South Africa. They had only planned to go back to my daughter-in-law’s home country for a few months, but found those plans changed after Covid messed up international travel plans. Now they’ve decided to stay for at least another and a bit as my son seeks to fulfil the last two years’ unbroken stay in Finland required for him to obtain his residency.

Yep, the one constant in life is change.

But change hasn’t just been a frequent guest in my and my family’s personal lives lately; change drops by, often unannounced, in my writing life too. My constantly-changing writing schedule attests to that fact.

However, it’s not just about what book to write when, it’s about what changed in a particular story. For instance, in the novella I’ve just finished writing I Take You, book 1 in my new Bootiful Brides series which will be releasing in September in the Save the Date anthology, my hero and heroine are faced with an enormous change in their lives just seven weeks before their wedding. Suddenly, they need to start replanning their big day. Talk about change with a capital C.H.A.N.G.E.

Almost a decade ago, I got the idea to write a series of stories about The Pirates of Ostrobothnia for pre-teen boys. This happened after my son created a short video clip for YWAM Finland about Living Your Adventure while he was doing a few months’ stint with them. This idea has always been in the back of my mind until about a month ago when I took the first step toward making the idea more real…I created covers for the series and started thinking about a pseudonym to write under for this very different genre. The jury is still out on what pen name I’ll choose.

Tonight, another change came a-knocking when my tech-savvy son suggested the exciting idea of turning these stories into interactive ones, something along these lines except way, way better as they’d be in 3D and with audio to read or listen. We spent about an hour brainstorming a bunch of ideas based on my Pirates of Ostrobothnia ideas. I can’t wait to get that first story written so he can do his 3D gaming magic and create a demo to present to an investor he thinks may be interested. Another huge change to what I’d envisaged. I told him I could now see why God had me sit on this idea for nearly ten years; he needed to get where he is today in programming and gaming.

Ah, God … the constant in life that Heraclitus clearly hadn’t thought about when he made his famous statement about there being ONE constant in life. And this wonderful, creative Creator that we serve is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. What an exciting life He offers us!

There’s one other change that’s recently happened to me—exciting in one way, sad in another. This will be my last blog on Inspy Romance for now. I’ve been thinking about it for several months now, and have decided to step aside for a season to allow myself the extra breathing room that has become so necessary over the past year with my frequent trips between Pretoria where I live and Cape Town where my kids and grandkids live, and in the midst of the mayhem of looking after and home schooling grandkids, trying to carve out writing time.

Or trying my hand at something new.

I can’t believe this is my 70th blog on Inspy Romance. It feels like yesterday that I blogged for the first time in mid-April 2015, and yet, six years have passed since then. So I felt the time had come to step aside and let some other wonderful author have their turn at being an Inspy Romance blogger.

I will miss being part of Inspy but hope to catch you all from time to time in the comments.

I am going to embrace this season of change with both hands because I am going to need them to hang on to this crazy and glorious ride God has called me to.

ps. Amy Perrault is the winner from my last blog. Amy, I’ll be sending you your e-copy of A Time to Push Daisies as soon as I’ve contacted admin for your email address.

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