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This is me coming out of my reading nook to wish you all a Happy International Women’s Day!!! Because as a woman it feels so go to be celebrated and as a young woman I feel so liberated seeing how much women are celebrated and respected today because let me tell you even if we aren’t at the highest point we want to be as women’s the society we have sure come a really long way.

Thank you readers for sticking by me I love you guys so much. Also I have decided to take a break from blogging and romance reading till my exams are over 😔. It sincerely pains me to do this and not be able to fulfil my promises of bringing you guys more reviews this month but right now my exams are my priority. This is my first university exam and as much as I am excited I’m also pretty scared. So I need your prayers and love this period and by God’s Grace I’ll come out with a lot of As , a big ass smile on my face and a full week of reading.

So Till next time guys , love you. Have a good and blessed month of March 💐.

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