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Series Boxed Sets: yea or nay?In recent years we’ve seen a huge uptick in the sales of boxed sets for books, especially eBooks. I’ve been part of half a dozen MABS—that’s multi-author box sets—over the last few years myself, and as a reader I love those because I can get to sample new-to-me names. But today, I’m talking about single author boxed sets. You may have heard the term omnibus edition to describe them.

There’s the series boxed set, like mine launching March 9, which is an entire series bundled up together in one file for a slightly discounted purchase price. Some authors prefer to box up a longer series into 2-3 smaller sets (i.e. books 1-3 separately from 4-6, and so forth).

I love series boxed sets, personally. It’s nice to have a complete collection knowing I haven’t missed one of the books in the series. And, you know, sometimes we’re waiting months or even years for an author to add a new book, so getting the complete series all at once eliminates that painful angst of waiting between books or *gasp* forgetting what happened previously.

Then there’s one trend I’ve been seeing recently in which a prolific author takes series starters (books 1) from multiple series and putting them together. Or they build a set around a certain theme or trope, regardless of series (beach, snow, holiday, career field, etc.). In my forays as a reader, I’ve discovered a few pros and cons to these different kinds of sets.

Pros: Getting to sample a variety of an author’s work, enjoying a common theme while exploring new characters, usually some form of discounted price and/or bonus material

Cons: Sometimes you’ve already read one of the books in the set, can be confusing

What say you? I’d love to hear your pros/cons to boxed sets from a single author. Do you usually buy them (and if so, what went into your decision)? What kind of boxes appeal to you most?

All commenters will be entered into a drawing for one eBook edition of my upcoming Everyday Love series boxed set, complete with bonus materials. Winner will be chosen at random by the end of this week.

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I did have one more question for you before I sign off and make myself another pot of coffee before settling in to write. What kinds of things do you like to see in a series boxed set? Do you expect just the books themselves, or are you interested in exclusive bonus material? Timelines? Recipes? Sneak previews of related books? The story-behind-the-story? Something else? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on what makes a box extra special.

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