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A Texas Bond, book three in my Texas Hill Country series, officially released last week. It was inspired partly by my husband and I dabbling in flea marketing after shopping them for years. The picture I included is the booth we had full of items we created or repurposed. It was fun fitting our love for junking into a book, but I’m always sad when I finish a series.  All of my books are part of series, but all are stand-alone. Each book centers around one couple and once I marry them off, they show up as side characters in the rest of the series. You can read one book and it has an end. If you read the series, you get the whole story, but you don’t have to read it in order.

In book one, Hill Country Redemption the story centered around rodeo publicist, Larae Collins, and Rance Shepherd. Stacia Keyes, a friend of Larae’s, had a scene in the book and their mutual friend, Lexie Parker, was mentioned. Book two, The Cowboy’s Missing Memory featured occupational therapist, Lexie, and Clint Rawlins, but I was able to bring Larae and Rance into a few scenes. A Texas Bond focuses on flea market owner, Stacia, and Ross Lyles. Of course Stacia’s friends, Larae and Lexie showed up with their husbands. All are set on Medina, Texas ranches. Now with the series ending, I’ll have to leave these couples and their ranches behind in the happily ever after I created for them. I’ll miss them.

But sometimes, I cross series. I was able to bring Rayna and Clay Warren from Rodeo Queen, book six of my Rodeo series, into Hill Country Redemption. Since Larae was setting up a rodeo in the book and Clay is an ex-champion bull rider, it made sense for him and his wife to show up and support her new rodeo. Even though the Warrens live in Aubrey, I’d established in their book that Clay’s grandfather lives in Medina, where Larae and Rance now have a rodeo. It also made sense for Country Christian Music stars, Garrett Steele from Rodeo Song and Brant McConnell from Rodeo Family, to do a grand opening concert at Larae’s new rodeo.

Chase Donovan from Winning Over the Cowboy, book 2 in my Texas Cowboys series, makes an appearance in A Texas Bond, when Stacia and Ross take their mutual niece and nephew for a swim at Chase’s dude ranch. Waverly Heathcott had one scene in Winning Over the Cowboy as well. She was a rich, mean girl. In A Texas Bond, she’s still rich, but nice, owns a chain of Bed & Breakfasts and places an order in Stacia’s repurposing flea market. I’ve wanted to write Waverly’s story for a while, but I haven’t found the right fit for her yet. I’m thinking she’ll get her own book though, eventually.

So even though my Texas Hill Country series is complete now, maybe Larae and Rance, Lexie and Clint, Stacia and Ross will show up in future series.

I’m giving away a print copy of A Texas Bond. Enter to win by answering this question: Do you enjoy it when characters from past books make cameo appearances? Does it make you feel like you’re visiting an old friend? Does it make you miss them? Or do you prefer to leave old characters behind and focus on new ones? Deadline: March 10th.

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