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Hello, Readers!

Every month, a group of women in the little fictional town of Abundance, Missouri, gets together at the home of Abby Redmond to share conversation and a yummy dessert.

The group is small today, with only three friends in attendance—Tess, Becky, and Abby. (You may know them as the heroines of my books Love at Sunset Lake, Love and Harmony, and Love and Roses.)

This month, because of COVID, they’re meeting virtually, but through the magic of InspyRomance technology, we have a transcript of their meeting. Let’s check it out!

Becky: Tess, you’re muted.


Tess: Whoops! Okay, that’s fixed. Hi, Becky. Where’s Abby?

Becky: Late, I guess.

(another pause)

Abby: I’m here!

Becky: About time! You are the hostess of this meeting, after all.

Abby: Sorry, I was getting my dessert. I know it’s a virtual meeting, but we said it’s important for us each to bring our own chocolate treat.

Tess: Very important! What kind of dessert are you having, Abby?

Abby: Chocolate pound cake. What about you?

Tess: Triple chocolate cheesecake with fresh raspberries and whipped cream.

Becky: Aaargh. Tess, that is so unfair. You always have amazing desserts just lying around at your house.

Tess: Well, I am pastry chef, after all. What did you bring, Becky?

Becky: I was getting lesson plans ready for school tomorrow, and I didn’t really have time to fix anything. I found some peanut M&M’s in a little Tupperware in the bottom of my book bag.

Tess: Now I feel bad. Do you want me to run some cheesecake over to your house?

Becky: No, I hate to ask that. You live all the way out of town at Sunset Lake. Besides, Seth says he’s bringing me home chocolate cream pie from the diner.

Abby: Then you have nothing to complain about, Becky. Seth is such a good husband.

Becky: True! I did marry well. (Laughter.) And the way the two of us got together, well, it was just so romantic. We have to have the sweetest love story of all the couples in Abundance.

Tess: Hmmm. I don’t know about that. Remember how when Jack and I first met, I was sort of responsible for him falling in Sunset Lake?

Abby: I remember. I heard all about it from Jack. He said the water was freezing.

Tess: I should have known he was a big softy under that gruff exterior. The whole reason he was out on the lake was to protect a nesting box so the ducklings would hatch. What could be sweeter than a man with a soft spot for ducklings?

Abby: Well, that is nice, but I think my romance with Nate was the sweetest because it was so unexpected. I mean I never dreamed, after Eric died, that I’d fall in love again. I had my hands full, running my antique shop and raising Emma. Here comes this big-city lawyer, someone who refers to Missouri as “flyover country” and questions whether I’m a good mother, moving in as my neighbor. I don’t normally get mad—

Becky: No, normally, you’re the nicest person in town.

Abby: Oh, hush. But anyway, Nate made me furious. I would never have imagined I’d marry again, certainly not him!

Becky: And that right there is why Seth and I have the sweetest love story of all of us. Because I did think I’d marry him. I was sixteen, and he was my first kiss. But then I didn’t see him again until I was thirty-two. How perfect that he moved to Abundance, and my happily-ever-after came true! Could anything be sweeter?

Tess: Well…

Readers, I don’t think any of these women is going to budge an inch. They each think their love story is the sweetest, most romantic ever. The only thing they agree on is the importance of love and chocolate treats!

I’ve got a way, though, that you can decide for yourself which of their love stories is the sweetest. I’ve put all three of their books on a special promotion—I call it my Triple Treat Kindle Sale!

Today only get Tess’s story, Love at Sunset Lake, FREE! Get Becky’s story, Love and Harmony, for 99c! and get Abby’s story, Love and Roses, for 99c as well!

All three books, as well as more of the Abundance series, is available in Kindle Unlimited.

If you’ve read all three of these books, I’d love to know which one was your favorite. And if you haven’t read them all yet, let me know your favorite chocolate treat!

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