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Not being a fan of love triangles, I wavered in my decision to read this latest romance novel from Linde. Then I thought, its Linde so chances are I would miss out on a great story, because of my dislike for the trope. So here we are.

The story started out with Delilah’s wedding day in progress . However, the day did not go has planned as the ceremony got interrupted by someone lodging an objection to their nuptials. Who was she getting ready to marry and who lodged the objection, were the two biggest questions on my mind? Then, as the events unfolded, I kept wondering who would she choose.

Hold the Forevers took me on the angstiest of journeys I have ever been on. Dear Lord, it’s a mystery how I never suffered whiplash from the constant back and forth. One moment Delilah was with Ash then next she was with Cole. I kept thinking to myself, girl, make up your mind already.  As the story progressed, I saw why she had difficulty in deciding who would be the right one.

I am not keen on cheating and could have done without it, but I guess it was needed to drive the story. This incident of cheating made me realise where exactly Delilah’s heart lay. Although, at that point in time, I wanted to shake some sense into her. Her heart, her body, and not her brain were doing her thinking. She may have had feelings for them both, but only one had the power to both break and heal her.

They say first love never dies, so it wasn’t difficult to see why she found it hard to let go of Ash, even after the heartbreak he had caused. Also, letting go of Cole was also a tough choice as he was the one who broke down her barriers and aided her in opening her heart to second chance at love.

I loved both male leads, but if I had to choose, it would definitely be Cole. They both loved her, and the genuineness of their feelings for her leapt off the pages. Cole, however, proved to be the one who really knew her.

The story moved between three timelines, high school, college and current. I had the chance to see how the relationships between the characters developed.

The story ended, leaving no doubt in my mind regarding the reason for Delilah’s choice. I understood why she made that choice, but did she get right in the end? Well, I will let you be the judge of that.

Overall, Hold the Forevers turned out to be a solid read, which fans of angst and love triangles would definitely love

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