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February is the month where it’s okay to talk about all things love, hearts, and romance.

But I love love, so I refuse to contain my happiness to one month.

Romance is not dead. Love is not a thing of the past. Commitment is still a wonderful bond that we should seek with the Lord, our friends, our family, and our spouses.

Today, I’d like to celebrate fun dates. You know, those enjoyable adventures we share with those we hopefully grow to love or already love.

I’ve been on many wonderful dates with my husband in the last eight years, and some of our best times together were on road trips or vacations. We work well as a team, and I love seeking out new and wonderful things with him.

Contemporary Christian romance books take us on some of the best dates. You know, since we get to follow the characters wherever they go, that means we can go on a fictional date with them.

Cool, right?

In my most recent book, Protected by the Cowboy, Micah takes Laney out on the ranch. Micah is color blind, so Laney describes the beautiful colors she sees to him. She wanted to share another layer of God’s gift with him, and I believe that’s a wonderful way to spend a date. She was able to share the intricacies of the scene around them in a way we often take for granted.

I compiled a short list of some other interesting dates I’ve come across in Contemporary Christian romance lately. I’ve also added in a few interesting dates from my own books.

In Where the Heart is by K. Leah, Bristol and Gavin go to an art crawl in Nashville. I live in the southeastern United States, and I enjoyed the setting for all of these books. An art crawl sounds like a great date for these college students.

In Summer to Remember by Tara Grace Ericson, Danielle and Mark go to a Comic Con. They both enjoy comic books and science fiction, so it was the perfect date for these characters. I also loved the shirts Danielle wore with funny sayings on them.

In my book, The Billionaire’s Destined Bride, Cole takes Sophia to Blake Island off the coast of Washington in the Pacific Northwestern United States. They have a picnic on the beach and watch Orcas in the bay.

In my book, Remembering the Cowboy, Noah takes Camille to a special place by a creek every year on her birthday where they have cupcakes and talk about what they hope the next year holds. These characters were friends when they were younger, and their history added more meaning to this recurring date.

In my book, Living Hope, Jake takes Natalie fishing where they eat sandwiches in the canoe and watch the sun set. Later, he finds out that it was her first date ever making it extra special for both of them.

In my book, Beautiful Storm, Marcus takes Tori to a county fair, a high school football game, and a drag race. These were all things that Tori had never experienced before, but since Marcus was the guardian of his four siblings, Marcus and Tori had to conform their dating experiences to accommodate the kids.

Throughout my small-town Unfailing Love series, the characters often end up at Rusty’s, a local restaurant with live music and a casual friendly atmosphere where they could all hang out together. Rusty’s became the meeting place for the group of friends to share special announcements like engagements and pregnancies as the series unfolds. Since many of the couples started their relationships there, it held a special significance for everyone.

Fun fact: Rusty’s is based on a real place in my hometown called The Barn. My husband and I used to have dates there, and now we take our daughter there almost every Friday night for dinner. The waitresses adore her, and they’ve all become sweet friends.

Dates represent the time we grow together and learn about each other in new relationships, but they’re also the foundation of a strong relationship later.

What is the best date you’ve ever been on? Or do you recall an exceptional date you read about in a contemporary Christian romance book? I’ll be giving away one ebook copy of my new release, Protected by the Cowboy to one special commenter. I’ll choose a winner on Monday, February 22, 2021.

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