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Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Us readers of romance love Valentine’s Day. I hope you had a good one.  Welcome to our birthday bash1

We all pick up romance novels for various reasons. We know the author and have been waiting for book for months, maybe we like the cover, maybe we like the back cover blurb. For various reasons, we buy the books we buy.

For me, I do have favorite authors. I remember back in the day reading Danielle Steele. It didn’t matter what the book was about, I was buying it. Then, after I quit reading her books because I was always sad while reading, I noticed in the store she had a new book out. I’m talking probably ten years after I had stopped reading her books. I decided to take a look.

Twenty minutes later, y’all, I realized I was still in the same spot reading. She sucked me in, again! Which brings me to a fun topic today.

First lines.

Do first lines matter to you?

I love working on first lines. Here are a few from my novels.

They say fifty is the new thirty.  Her Best Catch

How can a simple knock on the door undo nine months of therapy? Summer’s Song

Have you ever wished for an April Fool’s joke? Rich in Love

I made a lot of money when I was beautiful. Rich in Hope

As I stand on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta waiting for a cab to take me to the airport, I’m reminded of the night I lost my faith. At least that’s what Mama would have called my lapse in judgement. Rich in Faith

I do believe first lines can draw the reader in. First lines are universally known. Pride and Prejudice. Gone with the Wind. Moby Dick. Little Women. I’m stating the novels because I don’t want to get into copyright issues with quoting lines of books. But you see what I’m saying.

One of our Inspy gals, Toni Shiloh, had her Love Inspired book debut in January. I bought a copy to give away. Her book is An Unlikely Proposal. And wouldn’t you know, it has a great first line.

“Let’s get married.”

Ha! There you go. You know you must read that book.

Comment with a book with a great first line. Or let me know if first lines are important to you or not. I’ll randomly choose one of the commenters to win a copy of Toni’s book.

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