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Happy Valentines Day Readers !!!! That’s actually all I came here to say. How did you guys spend your Valentine’s Day? Did you spend with with your boo or did you spend it alone like me reading romance books and fawning at romantic Instagram post.

Even though I spent my Valentine’s Day at home with no special person by my side, I still felt loved. It might not be love from a special someone but it was love from my family and friends. It still meant a lot to me to know that although I’m single, i’m not alone. That didn’t stop my heart from tugging at the sight of others spending the day with their Special someone.

Even though I didn’t get any Valentine’s Day gift I did gift myself something because after all there is no better love than self love 😉. So here’s 🥂 to every single person out there perfectly fine with spending the day alone but hoping that next year we will celebrate with a special person by our side.

Remember Valentine’s Day is not the only day to show love to our loved one’s. It’s the little things that matter and they aren’t done in one day. As a woman I prefer little sweet and romantic gestures that I get everyday to a lavish gift that only comes once in a year.

So have a good Valentine’s Day wether you are celebrating it alone ( like moi) or with someone by your side. If your Valentine’s Day is over I hope you had a good and love filled day. Sending you all lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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