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Title: Kingdom Come (Kingdom Come Duet Book #1)
Author: Terri E. Laine
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Nice girls can’t have fun. 
That’s the lie I’ve been taught to believe. 
Stand straight, sit tall, manners, manners, manners. 
But this smart mouth girl needs more than that. 
In walks a guy with a face like a model.  
Body of a god and dressed like a biker. 
Exactly my type. 
He acts indifferent which is the challenge I need. 
By the time I’m done, he’ll be begging for more. 
Only in end, it might be my heart that gets broken. 
She’s a princess and I’m no prince. 
I’ve got more skeletons in my closet than a graveyard. 
My tastes run dark. 
The women I go for run hotter. 
As beautiful as she is, 
The last thing I’m looking for is arm candy. 
I don’t do girlfriends or relationships not on my terms. 
The best thing she can do is walk away. 
Only one taste isn’t enough. 
By the time this is over, one of us will break.  
It isn’t supposed to be me. 
Kingdom Come is part of a duet and is NOT standalone. The story concludes in Kingdom Fall.  

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Title: Kingdom Fall (Kingdom Come Duet Book #2)
Author: Terri E. Laine
Genre: Contemporary Romance

This is not a standalone and must be read after Kingdom Come. 


Connor King is exactly my type. 

But he’s the one man I can’t have. 

Maybe if I hadn’t run from him at the wedding, 

I wouldn’t be in this mess. 

At the same time, he might be the hero I’ve been looking for. 

Only in end, it might be my heart that gets broken. 


I have only one mission. 

Get Lizzy Monroe back. 

And when I do, there will be a reckoning. 

We have unfinished business. 

By the time this is over, one of us will break. 

And it isn’t supposed to be me. 

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Connor gets swoony for his Princess!

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Since finding you in my bed, you have been the only woman I can think about. 

You consume my thoughts and are the inspiration for every paint stroke on every canvas I get my hands on. 

You are the light in my darkness that keeps me sane. 

You are hope that creates my future. 

You are my destiny. 

I will forever work to be the man you not only deserve but the man of your dreams. 

Tonight, your gift of submission, on your knees and waiting, will be my undoing. 

You will remake me with your willingness to let me master dominion over you. 

Humble by your trust and ever grateful for your love, 

Happy Valentine’s Day, 

Mr. Black 

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Terri E. Laine, USA Today bestselling author, left a lucrative career as a CPA to pursue her love for writing. Outside of her roles as a wife and mother of three, she’s always been a dreamer and as such became an avid reader at a young age.

Many years later, she got a crazy idea to write a novel and set out to try to publish it. With over a dozen titles published under various pen names, the rest is history. Her journey has been a blessing, and a dream realized. She looks forward to many more memories to come.

You can find more about her books at www.terrielaine.com.

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