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Title: Seeing Red (NE University Series Book #2)
Author: Hannah Gray
Genre: Contemporary Romance

From the outside, looking in, it probably seems as though Anna Eubanks has it all. Beauty, money, and plenty of shiny things. But things are not always as they appear, and sometimes, not everything that shines is really gold. Deep down, she’s stuck under her mothers’ thumb, always feeling like she’s not enough. But what happens when she feels a connection with someone she shouldn’t while at her boyfriend’s family dinner? As she tries to navigate life to accommodate her own needs and not her parents’, will they accept it? Or will she be pushed out like an unwanted guest?

Mason King is living the good life. Being one of the star football players at New England University certainly has its perks. Popularity, the best parties, and an unlimited supply of women throwing themselves at him. When his half-brother brings his girlfriend to a family dinner, he can’t help but be intrigued by her. Time and time again, the universe drops this green-eyed, smart-mouthed beauty into his path. Will he fight their undeniable chemistry forever? Or will their circumstances make it impossible for them to deny their true feelings?

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It’s been a little over a year since you made me the luckiest son of a bitch in the entire world by agreeing to become my wife.

One year and nine days, to be exact. That’s when we promised each other forever. That very same day, you brought our perfect daughter into this crazy, unpredictable, beautiful, yet sometimes cruel and unforgiving world. 

That day will forever go down as the greatest day of my life. I never knew I could feel so damn proud as I did when that nurse placed our baby girl in your arms, and we became a family. You, Haven, and I. Winning the football championship in college, or the Superbowl in the NFL, those didn’t even come close to the amount of pride you and our daughter filled me with that day, and every day since.

This world is scary, and at times, cold. You know that better than anyone. But I don’t worry about our daughter, she has us. More importantly though Anna, she has you. The toughest woman I have ever met in my life. You are our rock, our anchor, our shield. The way you love, well it makes me love you that much more. God knows life hasn’t been a walk in the park for you, yet you choose love over hate. And damnit Red, you love us so fiercely.  

Back in college, I didn’t call you Red because of your hair. Or because of the fact it pissed you off. Although I must admit, I did enjoy getting under your skin. You’re downright sexy when you’re putting me in my place. Except that one time when you punched me right in the nutsack when I called you Red. But that’s beside the point, back to the nickname. I called you Red because of how much fire you had inside of you. Fire that no one could ever put out, no matter how hard they tried. You were, and continue to be, so fearless. I’m so proud to call such a strong lady my wife.

Back a few months ago, when Haven got sick, and had to stay in the hospital, I was a fucking wreck. Not that I need to tell you that, you were there, you saw me crying like a baby as they ran test after test on her. Thank God she was alright. But it was you who was strong during that time, not me. It’s always you who holds down the shelter and keeps us all afloat.

I love you more with each passing day. I’ll also add that like a fine wine, you get hotter every day. I mean, my wife is a complete smokeshow. You are my family, you are my person, you are the one who calms me down. And most importantly, you are the one who makes me see the good in everything. You make me a better man. 

I can’t wait to spend a lifetimes worth of Valentine’s day with you. I’ll also put it out there that if you’re looking for something to get me as a gift today, I’d take you wrapped up in some red lingerie. Hell, I’d take you wrapped in a paper bag if that’s all you’ve got. I’m not fussy when it comes to you. 



A.K.A the luckiest bastard in the entire world. 

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Debut Sports Romance Author. Hannah lives in Maine with her wonderful husband and beautiful children.

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