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Title: When in Tokyo
Author: Imani Lewis
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tokyo was supposed to be my fresh start. The first chapter to the new book of my life.

I never expected that would all change in one night.

All because of him.

Hendrix Evans.

He was unlike any guy I’ve ever seen, and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

He was an international sensation, and I was just a girl from New Jersey.

I was never one to believe in love at first sight, but Hendrix caught not only my eye, but also my heart.

Is one night long enough to promise him my forever?

Or will he end up being just a single chapter in my new book?

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Oh my goodness, get ready for the swoonfest with Hendrix…

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Dear LG, 

Valentine’s Day has always been the most annoying day of the year for me. Seeing so many loved up couples and guys proposing at our shows that happen to fall on this “day of love”, asking us to dedicate a song to them. I used to always want to give them the biggest “FUCK YOU” but Ozzy and the guys loved doing it because it made them feel good about themselves. 

However, this Valentine’s Day is different. This time, I miraculously have a love of my own. A girl who keeps me warm even on the coldest of days. A love that took over me and changed my view on life. 

You changed me. For the better of course. You make my heart sing more than my mouth, and make my fingers dance more than my guitar. I could live inside you forever and never get tired. 

I talked to Grampy Ned the other night as I looked up at the stars. I thanked him for giving you a reason to fly across the world. I thanked him for guiding you to me because I do feel he played a roll in us meeting in Tokyo. I thanked him for giving you just the right amount of trust and taste of adventure so you’d agree to hang with me that night. I thanked him for letting me get some room in your heart so you could say yes to being my wife. 

I never thought I’d get a taste of this controlling energy that consumes everything i am, but I’m fucking glad I did. Now I’ll never let it go. I’ll never let you go. 

You are forever my partner in crime on this adventure called life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to give you the world.

All my life, lyrics and love,


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Imani is a new graduate and mother, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing just one month after giving birth to her first child. She is an amazon bestselling author, thanks to her debut novel On A Cloudy Day.

Not only is she an author, but she is a singer/songwriter, poet, and plays multiple instruments. If you don’t see Imani at school or her fiance’s house, she’s probably curled up somewhere secluded, binge reading her new book obsession or writing tons of music based on her mood.

She loves koalas, fried food, and deformed/misshapen stuffed animals (She finds beauty in the broken you could say lol).

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