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Title: Chasing After Love (Eros & Co. Series Book #2)
Author: Kerri Keberly
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy

She’s tired of being a tree.

Even living as an evergreen, Daphne can’t shake Apollo, the god cursed to relentlessly pursue her. Determined to ditch him once and for all, she returns to her nymph form and makes a break for it, hiding in the last place on Earth she thinks he’ll look. But when she ends up in humble sheriff’s deputy Sam Carson’s kitchen, she discovers she might actually want to stop running for good. 

There’s only one problem. 

Apollo will crush anyone who gets in his way. Literally.

Apollo’s got a big head. And it only gets bigger when he enlists his trusty assistant and muse, Calliope, to help him find Daphne before his reputation as revered victor is trashed. Hades-bent on finally getting what he’s been chasing after for centuries, he almost misses out on what’s been right under his nose the whole time. 

True love.

Can the god of every damn thing learn a little humility before it’s too late? 

Or will all of Olympus finally know the truth: Their ultimate winner is really a giant loser. 

Like mythology? You’ll love this modern-day twist on the centuries-old myth of Daphne and Apollo.

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Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy

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When the time-challenged god of love has six months to turn mortal enemies into lovers, things get real. If you’re a fan of heart, humor and magical Happy Ever Afters, you’ll love this mythology-inspired, laugh-out-loud Romantic Comedy that sparkles with wit and shines with the power of true love.

IT tech Liz Johnson thinks true love is total crap—until she locks eyes with the hot new marketing guy and her theory crumbles. Terrified his charm will break through what’s left of her self-imposed walls of solitude, Liz wastes no time hauling out the bricks and mortar to rebuild the fortress surrounding her carefully guarded heart.

Londoner Leo Simmons is God’s gift to women. Or so he thought. When his new co-worker refuses to give him the time of day, he decides to melt her icy glares just to prove he can. But despite her tattoos, ill temper, and the possibility she may be a cyborg, his strategy to get her into bed becomes a sole venture to make her smile. 

Little do they know their new boss is actually, Eros, the god of love, posing as a mortal and using every matchmaking trick in the book to turn enemies into lovers. On top of an already impossible deadline, he must hit his mark before Liz’s fast approaching 25th birthday. Fail, and she dies, taking his immortality with her. 

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Get ready for Sam’s note – it’s so sweet!

Keep reading to see the full Love Note!

Dear Daphne,

I’m not a man of many words… but when I’m with you I become a babbling brook, with a never-ending stream of sweet nothings rushing from my lips. 

When I look into your eyes, I’m as breathless as a wide-open sky. When you touch me, I soar higher than an eagle in the clouds, and when we kiss, I become the hottest summer day. 

I never thought I’d find a woman as precious as you. A woman who knows the value of hard work. Who’s not afraid of getting dirty (in more ways than one). A kindred spirit who connects to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants as much as I do… as my Cherokee ancestors once did. You are my igohida, Daphne. 

My forever. 

But I guess I didn’t find you, did I? You found me, and at just the right time. You’ll never know how thankful I am you ended up naked in a bait shop in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma.

In my heart, and in my soul. 

Speaking of hearts, I’m blessed you have given yours to me. I promise to take care of it. With you by my side, I stand taller than the tallest tree, stronger than the strongest Oak. And when you laugh, you shine brighter than a shooting star… even more brilliant than the sun. 

Thank you for finding me. I will be forever grateful you stopped running long enough to discover you wanted to stay. I’m so happy I get to grow old with you. You have my heart, nature girl, through every storm and every season, for the rest of our lives.



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Kerri has always told tall tales. When she was in the third grade, she hid her glasses in the linen closet and told her mother a ghost must have stolen them. As you might imagine, that story didn’t end well.

Today, however, she tells more lighthearted tales, with happier endings. Fond of making people laugh, and forever a fan of folklore and mythology, she blends heart and humor with a dash of magic into her stories.

Kerri lives in Michigan with her husband, son and cat they lovingly but aptly refer to as The Maleficence, Mel for short.

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