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Bound as His Business-Deal Bride by Kali Anthony is boardroom battles at its finest. Kali Anthony has delivered a fantastic story filled with fierce boardroom battles, battles of wills, revenge, warring families, second chances and beautiful locations.

Tragically separated many years ago while trying to elope with Eve, Gage is back with a vengeance to wreak havoc upon the family who, in his eyes, destroyed everything he has ever wanted and worked for. Eve agrees to be the fake fiancée Gage needs; in her eyes it will help her save her Mother and Sister from financial ruin. Knowing she’s helping him secure a deal she’s shocked when she learns Gage’s main reason for needing her help. Eve is hiding her own painful secrets and these along with Gage’s main focus of revenge threaten to blind both to their feelings which clearly haven’t changed since they first loved each other.

I loved this story because it’s been a while since I’ve been taken back to when Presents used to deliver this plot regularly. When it’s done well it’s brilliant and I think Kali Anthony has weaved the roots of love cleverly through the angst, revenge, painful secrets and family rivalry that goes back generations. You know it’s all going to come to a head and the journey there was a fabulous read. I really liked the before, now and then and I thoroughly enjoyed the opening chapter, it really set the tone of the story and the plot ran smoothly with perfect amounts of love, hate, conflict, emotion, sadness and happiness.

A lovely story to start 2021 with; thank you Kali Anthony, it’s so hard to tell this is only your second Presents.


Book Info:

Publication: December 2020 | Harlequin Presents |

His revenge will only be complete…

…once she’s wearing his ring!

To save her family’s company, CEO Eve Chevalier must accept a takeover bid from her rival, Gage Caron. She broke off their hidden relationship seven years ago, so she’s fully prepared for him to drive a hard bargain! Only there’s one term that isn’t up for negotiation… Eve must pose as Gage’s fianc�e!

Gage needs to rehabilitate his company’s image, and the way he sees it, Eve owes him. The white-hot chemistry that burns amid their passionate charade? That was never meant to be part of the deal…



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