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Here’s your question of the day: e-books or print books—which do you prefer?

I’ll give you my take on this, first as a reader, then as an author. As a reader who grew up in the “dark ages” (AKA. before the internet, cell phones, e-anything), I think print books have a bit of nostalgia attached to them. I used to love going to the library as a kid and I loved bringing my kids there, too, when they were younger. There’s something so satisfying about holding a book in your hands, even one that’s a little worn, because that’s a sign that it’s been well loved.

I must admit, though, that ever since I started reading books using the Kindle app on my phone, I’ve found e-books to be SO convenient. You literally have access to a whole bookstore with a few taps of a screen and the ability to bring books with you anywhere you go. I especially appreciate being able to read at night in the dark while my hubby is off in dreamland.

Now, as an author, there’s nothing cooler than holding a print version of your baby in your hands. A paperback just feels more official, especially when you get to include a personalized written note and your signature inside. Yet, e-books are once again so much more convenient when it comes to publishing. We don’t have to worry about printing or shipping issues, such as books being printed backwards or being damaged in the mail. With e-books, we can rest assured that the preview we see on our computer before we hit the “publish” button is what readers will see on their devices. It’s also a simple fix for authors to upload a new manuscript should we need to fix a typo or update a social media link in the back matter. We can also do this for print books, but we of course can’t update the information to books that have already been printed.

And in case you were wondering, expenses do play a factor in my love for e-books. Authors typically make about the same in profit for print books as we do for e-books due to the printing cost involved. This is unfortunately one of the reasons why some authors (myself included) don’t offer print versions of their books because print covers are more expensive to have made.

All that said, authors love it when you buy our books in any format! We know everyone’s resources are limited, so we appreciate it so very much when you choose to spend your time and money to support our passion and work.

So, tell me, e-books or print books—which do you prefer, and why?

Giveaway: I’d like to give away a $5 Amazon gift card. One winner will be randomly chosen from the comments below. The giveaway will remain open until midnight on Sunday, January 24th.

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