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Mandi: Hello, and welcome to The Newlywed Game with Asher and Haley Harding.

I’ll start by introducing this sweet couple. Asher is a Wyoming cowboy who will melt your heart with a song or a smile. Haley is his spitfire wife who sealed the deal with a kiss before he even knew her name!

Wow, Haley, that sounds bold. What made you do that?

Haley: Well, long story short, I thought he was his brother! I laid a big, wet one on the wrong cowboy.

Mandi: Judging from the heart eyes you’re giving your husband, I’d say you kissed the right one.

Haley: That’s true. It was the best mistake I ever made.

Asher: You won’t catch me complaining. I thought I was dreaming when this gorgeous redhead knocked me off my feet.

Mandi: What a cute story. You two seem like a happy newlywed couple. When did you get married?

Haley: We got married a few weeks ago.

Mandi: Oh, you’re very newlywed! Well, let’s get started. We asked Haley some questions about you, Asher. Your job is to predict how she would have answered the question. Ready?

Asher: I was born ready.

Mandi: Let’s begin. If your spouse had a superpower, what would it be?

Asher: She’d be able to see in the dark.

Haley’s answer: Night vision.

Mandi: Looks like that’s correct. Great start. Do you have a song? If so, what is it?

Asher: Blue Clear Sky. The ol’ George Strait classic.

Haley’s answer: Blue Clear Sky.

Mandi: Right again! Next question. Who is the better kisser?

Asher: Definitely her. (Asher fans his face.)

Haley’s answer: Asher

Asher: What? No way.

(Haley shrugs.)

Mandi: Sorry, you didn’t get points for that one, but it’s cute that you picked each other.

Next question. What is your spouse’s best personality trait?

Asher: She would say it’s my charm. (Asher winks at his bride.)

Haley’s answer: His selflessness.

(Asher shakes his head and grins.)

Mandi: Looks like that one didn’t get you any points in the game, but she probably won some points in your relationship.

Asher: I’m the winner here. I get to spend the rest of my life with her.

Audience: Aww.

Mandi: You two are the sweetest. Let’s move on to the last question for you.

When did you know that she was ‘the one’?

Asher: I think I always knew. But the first time I let myself think she’d give me a shot was when we sat on the porch one night and I played her a song.

Haley’s answer: When he played me a song on the porch.

Mandi: Looks like you got that one! Now, we’ve asked Asher questions, and Haley has to guess the answers.

First question. How many kids does your spouse want?

Haley: Oh, I want four.

Asher’s answer: four.

Mandi: Good answer.

Next question. Which of you finishes your meals first?

Haley: Definitely Asher. He’s always eating like someone might try to take his food away. (Haley looks at Asher.) You’re an animal.

Asher’s answer: Me!

Mandi: Who would play your spouse in a movie?

Haley: He would say Amy Adams.

Asher’s answer: Amy Adams.

Mandi: You’re on a roll!

Next question. What is your silliest fear?

Haley: Asher’s silliest fear is spiders.

Asher’s answer: Spiders. Yikes!

Mandi: Wow. Haley knows you really well. One last question.

If money were no object, where would you live together?

Haley: (Haley looks at Asher.) I’d live on the ranch. Blackwater is my home, and my future is there with Asher.

Asher’s answer: Blackwater Ranch.

Mandi: Wow. What a winning couple! Thanks for joining us today on The Newlywed Game. If you want to know more about Asher and Haley, check out Mistaking the Cowboy.

Creating characters is one of my favorite parts of writing fiction. Their personalities are unique, and it’s always fun to see how a character will develop throughout the story or series.

How well do you know your favorite characters?

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