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Happy 2021! I’ve been carrying on the romance vibe by continuing to watch the Hallmark Channel movies. They’re coming up with some good, fun, winter movies that are keeping romance alive on television!

My first 3 books were published by Belle Books. A great small press publisher. They were wonderful to work with and very helpful to my career in a lot of ways. But my inspirational novels weren’t selling well and we parted ways. They are a secular publisher who took a chance on Inspy novels, and I appreciate them giving me a chance.

I’ve spent these last few years self publishing. I’ve learned a lot about all aspects of the publishing world. I realize through it all the part I like the best is the writing. (I think most writers would agree!) I do still have a day job, so I’m in the business world 5 days a week. Needless to say, I’ve thought a lot about trying to write for a publisher again.

Which brings me to where I’m at in life right now.

I’ve got a proposal ready!

I think?

Do I, though?

So, I ask the pages staring at me from the other side of the computer the dreaded question.  “Are you good enough?”

When do you know when the manuscript is ready to send? (This very question is why I never read any of my books after publication. Unless I’m at an event and they want me to read an excerpt.) It seems like there is always some area to improve on. Make better. Add more emotion, description. Something. Anything.


I’ve had 2 critique partners read the synopsis, and a reader. I’ve received all the feedback and made changes. I’ve had one of my critique partners read the 3 chapters. I’ve taken that feedback and made changes. I thought I was ready to send. Then why, oh why, did I reread the chapters and decide they could be better?

  1. Am I afraid to send to publisher for fear of rejection? This is a valid option. Once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back. It’s in the hand of someone else. We learn not to take rejection personally, but the work is a part of who we are, so a little bit of that is bound to happen.
  2. Am I afraid of my brain thinking of a fabulous plot twist seconds after I hit the send button.? If I keep working on the story while waiting for an answer, will I wish that I had added this or that plot point? Will I be filled with regret while waiting?
  3.  If they like the proposal and want to see the full, will I be able to finish in a timely fashion? Even though I’ve finished 13 books this fear still enters my brain.

There are more fears writers have, but I don’t want this to go too long. I’m sure other creatives are in the same spot at times, wondering if they’re work is ready to send out.

I’ve read so many great books in the last 6 months from the line I would like to publish with. The stories are heartwarming, emotional and fun reads. I just pray what I’m working on has those same characteristics. So is the real question to my manuscript, “are you good enough?” Or is the real question to me. “Are you ready to take that leap?”

I’d love to hear of some chances you’ve taken where you just took the plunge! And the results!

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