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When I went into writing the Dixon Brothers series, I had a moment of fear that as I developed the characters of identical triplets who grew up as close brothers, had the same world view, who went to the same college, and who worked for their father’s company, that I would end up with three identical men in attitude and spirit.

I was thrilled as the characters fleshed out and my Dixon Brothers came alive, that I had completely different men with different thoughts and different feelings.

Brad Dixon is the reliable one. He’s the middle son, but takes responsibility for his brothers. He became CEO of the corporation when their father had them draw straws for the position. Everyone believed he was exactly the right choice for the job. He likes order, he loves Jesus, and he has loved Valerie since he could form the words. Here’s what one reader had to say about it:

The characters were amazing. The tension in the storyline really gripped my attention. There was so much emotion and passion – it was truly gripping. This novel definitely dealt with some really hard things.

Jon Dixon is the oldest of the three and is a bit of a black sheep. His heart breaks for the injustices he’s seen in the world, and he copes with it by trying to drink it away. He meets Alexandra in a bar one night outside of Nashville, Tennessee. And the rest, as they say, is a really great book that keeps you guessing. Here’s what a reader said:

What an amazing story of God taking a wrong and making it right! Alexandra and Jon are the proof in this story that God gives us all more than one chance.

Ken Dixon is the youngest. He is the deep thinker, the pure one, the sober one. He is completely content working his job, building his houses, and working on the mission field. He loves his family and has never felt anything missing in his life — until Daisy comes back into his life. Then he feels what he’s been missing deep in his soul and he wants nothing more than to love her for the rest of her life. And then he finds out she’s pregnant with another man’s child. Here is what one reader said:

I find myself in these two characters – in their character traits and quirks – and this is why the story touched me so deeply. They are like us… imperfect, sinners, true in their desires to please the Lord… and their story is where God teaches and forgives both them and us along with them. This story is a great reminder of God’s love and mercy and His work, whatever our circumstances are.

I am so thrilled to conclude the story of these three brothers. I fell in love with each couple as I wrote them, and it has become one of my favorite series of all.

Valerie’s Verdict is on sale for 99 cents this week, and Daisy’s Decision releases today! You can find their series page on Amazon at this link.


I’m giving away an autographed copy of Valerie’s Verdict to one of you! Let me know what your reading goals are this year! Do you happen to have a series about triplets in your goals (heh)? Comment below!

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