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Do you know that feeling when you are reading a particular novel with a trope that makes you want to scream or roll your eyes a thousand times ?

That’s the feeling I get when I read books with the Tropes on this list . So basically this post is me ranting about Tropes that I don’t like but seem to be popular in a lot of romances.

Note: Because these Tropes often times annoy me doesn’t mean that I won’t read books that contain them. I go by a rule where I don’t judge a book by its trope, because you never know ,you might find a hidden gem among the rocks.

So let’s get on with it;


This is one of the worst for me. When I say insta love I mean insta love. That means the characters fall in love on their first meeting or first sighting. Sometimes I literally scream at the characters “SNAP OUT OF IT, ITS NOT THAT FUCKING EASY”. I understand when there is an instant connection when the characters meet or insta lust but not love. No hero/ heroine should be talking about being in love in the first 3 chapters. As a romance reader I need to see the build up, the process and every fucking step. Don’t go skipping all the stages of falling in love in a book and call it full length romance, Because it’s not at least not to me. I can only ignore this sometimes if it’s a novella and even then I want the story to still feel complete and not rush rushed.

Fake Relationship

I actually liked this trope before when I just started reading romance but slowly it turned into something that annoys me. Maybe it’s because a lot of books use this trope now and don’t get it right. They keep using the same cliche story for it, “ Heroine is tired of people asking her if she has a boyfriend so she decides to use a fake bf to get them off her back” or “ using a fake bf/ gf to make Ex jealous or the most used of all “ fake engagement to get inheritance”. It has become a really annoying trope and most books do not get it right.

Love Triangles

I’ve never liked this trope. Personally I see it as an author’s way of creating unnecessary drama. I particularly hate it when the girl is confused about which guy to choose. I just don’t like it. Today she’s totally feeling hero 1 , tomorrow it’s hero 2 and worse when hero 1 is a bad boy and hero 2 is a really good guy. Why can’t they make them both good guys? I really don’t see the need of adding a third guy or girl in the mix. Just create two characters who fall in love and get their happily ever after without hurting the really good guy who I absolutely love.

The Belated Love Epiphany

This one is so ridiculous. In case you don’t know what this trope is about, let me give you a little summary. So the belated love epiphany is a trope where the hero/ heroine realises he/she is in love with the person when they lose or are at risk of losing that person; they either overlooked or didn’t take seriously.

I’ve read some books with this trope, some did it justice and some just made the character look completely stupid. Most often than not at the end of the book the character runs after the person most times in an airport.

I actually have a love hate relationship with this trope. I won’t say it annoys me I’ll just say that some authors can’t do it without making it really cliche. That actually why it’s on this list.

Best friend little sister

This is the trope where the hero falls in love with his best friend ( who is protective) little sister who has had a crush on him for so long. The only reason why this trope is on this list is because most books with this trope end up looking ridiculously similar , simply because most often than not they follow the same formula where the little sister has had a crush on the hero for some time then years later the hero notices her or already noticed her but decides not to act on it because of the heroine big brother, at the end they end up keeping it a secret , fall in love then Big brother finds out punches the hero or almost end their friendship. Sometimes the brother doesn’t punch him or cause a scene because he wants them together. And most times the hero is usually a playboy so the brother doesn’t want his friend using his baby sister. It all just gets a really tiring after a lot of books with similar plots.


These are the Tropes that get on my nerves, there are some that are just in between so I won’t be writing on them. I’ll post a follow up post on Tropes I really like sometime soon.

If your favourite trope is on this list please don’t judge me. This list is strictly based on my personal opinions and observations.

Which romance Trope get on your nerves as much as these ones get on my mine? Please drop your comment on the comment section, thank you 😊.

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