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I can’t even believe I’m going to confess this here, of all places, but … deep breath: I find attending weddings a little bit tedious. It’s okay if you feel the need to throw rotten tomatoes at me—I know that’s not something a romance author should admit. But hear me out: I adore watching two people pledge their lives to one another before God. It’s a precious gift to witness that, and that part never gets old. But unless I know the other guests well, the rest of the wedding is kind of an introvert’s nightmare. The assigned seating, the forced socializing…the chicken dance! It’s enough to make me hole up in my room for a week afterward.

Now fictional weddings, on the other, hand—those I love to attend (and write!).

Actually, my first few Hope Springs books ended short of the wedding scenes, wrapping up as soon as the hero proposed to the heroine. But then I started noticing that readers were asking for wedding scenes. So I obliged! And now I think I may be just a teeny, tiny bit addicted to writing weddings—why else would I have included three of them in book 7, Not Until Someday?

In some ways, though, wedding scenes are a challenge for authors, since the scene needs to hold readers’ interest even after it’s clear that the couple is on their way to happily ever after. And each wedding needs to be unique—no one wants to read the same wedding scene over and over, just with different faces plastered on the bodies. It’s a challenge I gladly accept though, for the chance to watch my characters walk down the aisle.

Even so, that doesn’t mean I think every book needs to end with a wedding. Sometimes the book is wrapped up so nicely with the proposal, or even with a confession of love, that adding more scenes beyond that would only drag the story out unnecessarily. Plus, sometimes it’s sweeter to imagine the wedding for yourself.

I’d love to know what you think! What’s your favorite kind of romance ending:
1-A confession of love
2-A proposal
3-A wedding
4-A peek at the characters a few years in the future (although this probably only works for non-series books)

Giveaway! One reader who comments by January 14 will be chosen at random to win two ebook copies of my Hope Springs Books 1-3 box set—one for yourself and one for a friend of your choosing (note: you’ll need to know your friend’s email address). And feel free to also let me know how you feel about attending real-life weddings—or if you’ve read any books with particularly good wedding scenes.

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