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Breaking the Playboy’s Rules by Melanie Milburne is a beautiful read. It’s filled with sparks that fly from the first page; passion that leaps off the pages; characters I liked from the moment I met them and a great, solid plot which kept things running smoothly.

Millie and Hunter have a disastrous first blind date but Millie needs Hunter’s urgent help. He’s the best divorce lawyer in town and Millie feels he’s the only one who can help her mother from being swindled again. Inviting him out for a drink sparks fly again but this time they’re both in the right head space to question the sparks. With Millie fighting the loosing internal battle of not knowing when the right time is to let her dead fiancée go and with Hunter being a completely closed book about his huge family commitments; there’s multitudes of drama to help pull this beautiful story together.

Millie is delightful and instead of repelling Hunter with her “I don’t want you” attitude, he accepts it as a challenge because despite her (seemingly) disinterest, he is very interested. His charm and good looks do cause Millie to question what she is missing out on and lets her guard down.

Hunter is a closed book and isn’t open to any suggestions once Millie is shocked into finding out the truth. He’s private and protective and doesn’t want anyone crossing the barriers of personal and private life and stipulates his rules of a fling which at the time Millie is happy to accept. Despite his rules he’s a really good guy and Melanie Milburne does a superb job of writing his character.

I’m noticing the number of stories I’m reading lately without Epilogues… I’ve always enjoyed them and hope it’s a short-lived trend.

Dedicated to the frontline medical workers during Covid 19 pandemic, Breaking the Playboy’s Rules touches on the importance and the fine job health care workers provide and really added to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it had everything I love in a story; passion, sparks, likeable characters; fast flowing plot; minus the angst and this story didn’t need it, it was brilliant without it. There is also just right amount of mix with the flat mates who are the heroines of this series.

Thank you Melanie Milburne, a delightful read which I loved.


Book Info:

Publication: December 2020 | Harlequin Presents | Wanted: A Billionaire Book #2

Sparks fly and rules are broken in this passionate romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Milburne.
A spark she can’t forget…
A Greek getaway to remember!
Millie refused to enjoy her blind date with outrageously attractive lawyer Hunter. After the pain of her last relationship, how could she let herself? But when her mother needs his help, Millie must face Hunter again. This time, she can’t deny he makes her heart race…
For their second meeting, Hunter turns the full force of his charm on Millie. He’s normally a closed book—he’s learned to keep his family commitments private. But sweeping Millie off to Greece to explore their unmatched chemistry is breaking all of his rules…

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.
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