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I survived 2020 I can’t be any happier and thankful to God. It’s been a long ass year and I’m so happy to see it end. I can’t wait to turn the next chapter and jump into the new year, 2021 can’t be any worse right?

No matter how bad this year has been to everyone in the world. It certainly had its up even if it’s not as many as it’s downs. For one I started my blog and I can’t believe the progress I have had. I know starting a blog isn’t easy and getting views and followers the first year is even harder, I’m so thankful for my 23 followers. It may not sound like much but it means the world to me. Knowing that 23 people clicked that follow button, it makes me super happy. If someone asks me my greatest achievement it would be this blog, never mind the fact that I didn’t get to do anything this year. I started this blog not to make profit but as a hobby that brings me so much joy and purpose. I don’t care at all about making money with it, all I care about is bringing good content to my viewers even if they are only 23. Thank you guys for sticking by me this year it means a whole lot.

I’m so proud of my page. By God’s Grace next year’s stats will be so much better. Keep in mind that my page is only 7 months old. Impressive right.

My Year In Books

I read more books this year than I read in previous years. Maybe it’s because I spent more time indoors than ever before. In a time where I couldn’t go out and couldn’t see my friends all I had was books to keep me company. And Man 2020 gave us a lot of good books. I can’t even pick one favourite ,I don’t even think it’s possible to. I was going to give book awards today but I couldn’t bring my self to do it 😭😭😭 because I loved a lot of books this year. I’m only going to give Series of the year, Cover of the year and Book boyfriend of the year. Here are the winners of the categories;

Series of the year award

There were not a lot of contenders for this spot. Maybe it’s because I didn’t read a lot of series, man I just couldn’t commit. So when I was putting together this post only one series came to mind.

Gangsters of New York By Bella Di Corte 🥇 👏 👏

Cover of the year award

🙈🙈 I’m sorry I thought I could but I can’t choose just one book to give this award. Congratulations to all the books covers in my head and to the designers who designed them 🥇👏👏👏👏👏

Book boyfriend of the year

Drumroll please 🥁 🥁 🥁. My book boyfriend of the year 2020 is none other than Brig knightly from That Swoony Feeling By Meghan Quinn. This category had a lot of contenders. It took a lot of consideration and deliberation to bring out a winner. Brig is just so cute and lovable I couldn’t pass him up.

Congratulations Brig knightly you have a special place in my heart ❣

Thank you guys for joining me on today’s special post. I have a lot of content for 2021 and I can’t wait to share it. Here’s to hoping for the best year. See you guys on the other side 🥳 🎉. Happy new year in advance guys.

💕 Vovwe

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