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It’s been a difficult year for most of us, certainly one with many changes.
Some of us wrote more, some less; some read more or tried out different genres. All in all, I think the world of literature has kept people sane.

As for me, I released the first novella in my small town romance series. I also made a second chance romance novella available that was previously part of an anthology, and I recently published my first short story (with a paranormal twist). And as of 2020, all my books are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.
Seeking Love: mybook.to/seekinglove
Paper Hearts and Promises: mybook.to/paperheartsandpromises
​Raven’s Return: mybook.to/ravensreturn 

Thank you to all those of you who were part of my author’s life this year! May 2021 treat you kindly! I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote today:

Hang On

It’s been a year of challenges and fights
But it didn’t manage to snuff out our lights
As we paid more attention to everyone’s plights

Hang on, stand tall
Together we’re strong
Remember, it wasn’t all
Sad, bad, or wrong

It’s been a year of changes and rules
Of empty restaurants and vacant schools
But we did learn how to use helpful new tools

Hang on, don’t cry
It could have been worse
Wait as time goes by
For the blessing after the curse

It’s been a year of realizations
As a virus spread across all nations
And we relied on important regulations

Hang on, you got this
You’ve made it this far
Don’t forget or dismiss
How resilient we all are

It’s been a year of lockdowns
Of heroes wearing masks, not crowns
Of online lives in eerily empty ghost towns

Hang on, you’ll make it through
For endings bring new beginnings
Rely on that spark inside of you
Count your blessings and winnings

It’s been a year of us longing for
People and things we can’t have anymore
But it brought innovation and courage to the fore

Hang on, smile again
There’s a lesson to be learned
Even if you don’t know when
You’ll receive what you’ve earned

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