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Title: Knocked Up By The Beast
Author: Aria . R . Blue
Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance. Series: Kingdoms 1#
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual
Major Tropes: Mafia Romance, Secret Pregnancy, Beauty and The Beast theme


I used to believe in fairy tales. 

And then I met him

They call him the beast. 

But when he held my hand, I felt safe. Protected. Cherished.

Shadows danced underneath his cold eyes, but all I saw was his fire.

He pressed me up against the walls of his castle, and growled against my neck that I belonged to him now. He made a dark flower bloom inside me, awakening a hunger in me that I didn’t even know existed.

I gave myself to him. I let him dominate every inch of my body. I let him hold my heart and see every corner of my soul. 

When it was his turn to do the same, it all went dark.

I get a peek into his real world for the very first time—a world of ruthless criminals and savage animals.

His baby grows inside me as long-hidden secrets start to unravel—each of them bigger than the last. 

Real intentions surface. 

I discover that everything I once believed as true is really a lie. 

There are no such things as fairy tales. 

(I’m forced to do the unthinkable.) And only time will tell if I dodged a bullet or made the biggest mistake of my life.

Welcome to ‘Kingdoms’. Each book is a fairy-tale based contemporary standalone set in the criminal underworld of Chicago. If you like your romance steamy and bordering on the dark side with twists that will have your heart racing, you’ve come to the right place. HEA always.

❄️My Review ❄️

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

I liked this book a whole lot. For the past two weeks I’ve read only holiday romance and you know how sweet they can be. Let’s say I’ve been suffering from sugar overload and this book certainly cured me. It brought in all the spiciness that I needed.

I really liked the fairytale retelling trope, it was like beauty and the beast without it being beauty and the beast. A wonderful modern twist of one of my favourite fairytales. It was also a Mafia romance too and this brought the entire book together for me.

It was dark and twisted while still managing to have some sweetness and awww moments. Belle and Leo’s chemistry was like fireworks. They worked so well together. Leo was a typical commanding alpha Male but he was still so sweet and caring. A wonderful balance to his character. Belle really held her ground with him, I loved that she wasn’t a pushover. She brought out the soft side of him. There was a tiny hint of magic , at a certain point in the book a woman kind of gives a prophecy or something to Belle. I would have liked it if we got to know more about the mysterious woman. Maybe where she came from or who she was.

Great world building, good plot, Wonderful characters and most importantly Drama!!!. This book checked a lot of boxes for me, it certainly surpassed my expectations. Aria. R. Blue certainly put together a good book. I’m looking forward to more from this new author.

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