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So I have great news ….I WATCHED the new Netflix series “The Bridgertons” and after such anticipation of over a year of knowing that this series will come to life with Shondaland, I was very eager but scared to watch this. You just never know how an adaptation will work out in the end. And as this is one of my favorite series, I was really apprehensive in seeing how they would handle it but I tell y’all WATCH this show because it was beautiful in every way. It was far from perfect, and as its been years since I have re read the books, there are some details they didn’t match to the book, but the main plot points they stayed true to.

Now first off lets discuss the diverse cast of actors that are put in play with this series. I don’t mind this at all. They handled it pretty well into the show. I have heard it said that its not that realistic? While this is true especially with seeing interracial relationships be so accepted (since even today there is still a stigma against these types of relationships)  , I felt like it was genuine in a way I can’t describe. Like an other world where color of skin doesn’t matter….content of character is what is paramount and I really felt that philosophy was showcased very beautifully. I really admired in seeing the natural feel to the cast. The acting within this show was INCREDIBLE. I was so charmed by everyone, and I wanted everyone to win, even if they weren’t my favorite characters. There was something so compelling in the style of acting that was portrayed within the show.

Now lets talk about the plot elements that were put into the show. The main plot of the story is very true to the book, including the controversal. We have our heroine, Daphne, who is looking to marry and find an eligible marriage, she is the jewel of the ton and the Queen. Then we have Simon, the hero, who wants nothing to do with marriage. They come to an agreement, to help each other get what they want. Then we have some others stories, we see the friendship between Penelope and Eloise. We have the romance with Colin and Melinda and another romance with Antony and his mistress the opera singer (I can’t remember her name). But we see how well this show is developed in building these stories and showing how they are setting it all up for future books. I adored the wisdom of Violet (The mama of all Bridgerton), the sweetness of Penelope, the striving of Eloise, the protectiveness of Antony, the charm of Colin, the exploration of Benedict and the humor the Hyacinth and Gregory.


Now lets talk the romance of the series. I dearly fell in love with Daphne and Simon and seeing their chemistry brought to light was PURE MAGIC!!! I was stunned to be pulled into those beautiful moments that build between them and watching it just felt like falling in love for the first time. It was truly mind blowing seeing what they were able to show within this series. I binged on this TV show because it was done so good. I just admired these two actors and seeing them implement this romance. Now I do want to talk about the biggest issue that people will have with this series…..with what happens towards the end of the book in regards to what the heroine does to the hero which was the only aspect I struggled with in this book. This aspect is in the series and I think if you want to remain true to the series for the most part….this element had to be put in especially as it sets a standard for the rest of the books that hopefully will be adapted. There are sex scenes that are shown, so be careful if you have kids in the house and if they are around to fast foward through those parts. But its kinda essential to show that at least with Simon and Daphne because of the “issue” that builds between them. And if you have read the book you know what I mean.

Overall I found this series to be delightful and it brought the magic of historical romance to life that was epic feeling, and I will definitely be watching this again in the near future! I can’t wait to see what they do with this series in the future.

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