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Have you heard the big InspyRomance news? We have a podcast now! 

*Cue the applause!*

I bet you have questions about what this means. Well, here’s a brief rundown…

Who: Each episode will feature our admins—Valerie, Elizabeth, and Narelle—and a guest (most likely an InspyRomance author).

What: StoryChats will be chatting about all things related to romance, specifically contemporary Christian romance.

When: New episodes will be released every Friday.

Where: On your favorite podcasting app or on YouTube. Find out more HERE.

Why: The podcast world could use more discussions about Christian romance books. And it’s fun to finally see the faces and hear the voices of the InspyRomance admins and authors!

Speaking of the admins, how well do you know them? And how well do they know each other? Let’s find out with a round of “Who’s Most Likely To”. 

For the following five questions, answer with the name of the admin who you think is most likely to do that thing.

  1. Who is most likely to run away to join the circus?
  2. Who is most likely to leave many tabs open on their browser?
  3. Who is most likely to cry because of a sad movie?
  4. Who is most likely to remain calm during a storm?
  5. Who is most likely to wear mismatched shoes by accident?

Jaycee Weaver took a shot at these questions:

  1. Narelle – because I can’t see Beth or Valerie doing it.
  2. Valerie – because Valerie has a ton going on all the time.
  3. Elizabeth – because Beth has a soft heart.
  4. Valerie – because she seems the practical, yet caring sort who’d go straight into Mom mode during a storm.
  5. Valerie – again, so much going on and better things to think about!

Here are my wild guesses:

  1. Elizabeth, because she seems like she’d be good at wrangling the animals and entertaining people.
  2. Valerie, because she has a lot of tasks and people to keep tabs on (pun intended, lol).
  3. Maybe Narelle? Because she seems like a sensitive soul.
  4. Narelle, because she seems very even-keeled.
  5. Valerie, because she has so much going on.

Here are Narelle’s answers:

  1. That’s a tough one… I can’t see Val or Beth doing this, and if I was going to run away, a circus wouldn’t be my first choice lol. Maybe it’s me?
  2. I’m not sure who multi-tasks the most? I can be lazy and leave tabs open (I’m not sure if that counts?) I’ll guess Beth because I know she’s busy writing plus home schooling etc.
  3. I’m a sook and cry easily, but maybe Beth is more sooky than me? Hard call.
  4. Val lives in the country and gets my vote for surviving storms.
  5. I have never actually done this (mismatching buttons on a shirt is my specialty, lol). Maybe Val?

Check out what Elizabeth said:

  1. Me. It’s a lifelong dream. (I’d probably hate it when I got there, but maybe there would be less laundry.)
  2. Valerie
  3. Valerie, but I could also see Narelle doing this.
  4. Narelle
  5. Me. Fun fact, when I worked as a software engineer, I did this multiple times bc I left the house so early trying to avoid traffic (didn’t work) and navy and black are hard to tell apart in the dark. We’re talking enough times that it’s not even embarrassing anymore.

And here’s how Valerie answered:

  1. The circus… not it. We’ll go with Beth, I guess, since she admitted to once having the dream. Beth, what would your specialty be? Lion tamer, maybe?
  2. Many tabs open (23 atm). Well, doesn’t that depend on how many browsers (2), too? And other programs like Word (5 docs) and Excel (2 spreadsheets) and Scrivener (5) and a couple more for good measure. Ahem. Okay, I’ll own this one.
  3. Crying at a sad movie. Well firstly, I rarely watch a movie, and no, I’m not a crier. I’ll let Narelle have this one.
  4. Calm in the storm: I’ll take this one. When it’s fight, flight, or freeze, I’m a freezer. I save the falling apart for later!
  5. Mismatched shoes – if Beth wants this one, she can have it! But… does it count that I actually BOUGHT mismatched running shoes once, and when I noticed a few days later – hey, they were both all white and the same brand, but not the same style – and went back to the store, they couldn’t find the other halves? Because they’d already sold THEM as a pair, and presumably the other woman never noticed? They did take them back and give me a different PAIR though.

LOL! I’m still chuckling at some of the answers! I loved finding out more about these ladies—how about you?

As you can imagine, our fearless trio of admins are just as interesting and entertaining in real life. And now you can see them in action on our podcast! I highly recommend hopping on over to YouTube right now and subscribing to StoryChats, so you don’t miss an episode! I’ll be venturing out of my introverted bubble for an episode in January about alpha males!

Do you listen to podcasts? What topic(s) would you love to see discussed on StoryChats? Comment and let me know!

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