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In this next post of our Elite Romance series I will be sharing my largest disappointments for the year, there weren’t many but there was some that really left me sad and frustrated.

I wanted to love this book especially after seeing this cover, but it just fell flat for me and the heroine felt almost toxic to me especially in the beginning, I didn’t care for how she treated men.

This is the first time I have DNF’d a KA novel, what threw me off was the style in which this book was written, it was very distracting, and those that have read this book know what I mean. I hope this isn’t a form she will be using in the future though.

I struggled with this book so much, I want to love this author so much but I just think she isn’t for me. But this one practically felt like politics being shoved down my throat. I don’t mind if politics or social issues are put in books, but they need to feel genuine. It just didn’t in this, felt like a lecture instead of a romance. This book just was so highly disappointing because the premise sounded so good to me.

This series is getting so many raving comments and reviews on Goodreads so I wanted to try it out. The world building in this one threw me off, it was a lot to ingest, and even though I plan on continuing the series, I wasn’t super encouraged with this one here. But I hear it gets better with each book.

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