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There have been so many fun moments in books that I have read over the past year so here I have shared some of my favorite moments!!!

You kissed first,” he said.
“On the cheek!”
“On the cheek, on the lips. All the same to me. Female, kiss. Male, excited. Do I have to explain simple facts of life to you?

He loved Chloe. He loved Chloe like a blank canvas and a finished piece and all the exhilarating, painful, stop-and-start moments in between.

“You scare me”

“I’d never hurt you…”

“You’d never mean to hurt me… But you’re all or nothing. Pure trust or none at all…”

Aden flicked a finger down her cheek. “Ye’ve nae idea how much I want ye lass, here and now.” A swift look down at the front of his kilt backed up that statement quite nicely. “Put that away, Aden, before someone walks in on us,” she said beneath her breath, reaching out to smooth down the front of his tartan. He took a quick step backward, batting at her hand. “Dunnae touch it, woman. Ye’d be setting it loose, and all sorts of mayhem could result.” That made her laugh

I know I was born for the sole purpose of being that man who will stand in front of you. When you’re there in that dark place where it feels like a thousand demons are tearing you apart, know I’m there with you. Always, tesoro, because you are my treasure and my only.

He wanted a partner in his life, someone who saw the man he used to be, the one he is nw, and the man he’d become as he learned to live and dream again

Jake clenched his gut, because the woman Juliet had become drew him like nobody’s business. Tempting as it was to fight the attraction by focusing on her past, people weren’t their pasts.

Loss is a wound that never heals. Never never never. It scabs over, and for a time you can almost forget it’s there, but then something–a smell, a sound, a memory–will split that wound right open and you’ll be reminded again that you’re not whole. That you’ll never fully be whole again

Conquest is about taking. Love is all about giving

With her head down, it became apparent that she’d lost her fighting spirit. “You may run from me, but you can’t hide.” His voice deepened in a husky whisper. “I see the real you, and I won’t let you forget who you are either. I bid you adieu, my Lady Warlock.” His farewell had the intended effect. That one affectionate word, and a smile tugged at her lips. She was back. His Lady Warlock.

mistakes were part of living, and the important thing was to learn from the mistakes you made so you didn’t make them twice, and to forgive yourself for those mistakes, as well as others for the mistakes they made. She said not forgiving led to bitterness, and a bitter heart was good for nothing

Life wasn’t about disappointment. Life was a journey. The journey of finding what I’d seen on my sister’s face the night before. Finding your place. Finding your people. And settling in so when those cold winds blew, you had warmth to see you through. Toby was going to understand that. I knew it. No. I vowed it. Because I was going to teach him.

A perfect example of finding beauty from ashes. The world could be a conniving harlot, as evil as a demon, but love would defeat her every single time. Love never failed.

She knew what it was to yearn for belonging and acceptance. She understood the desperation, the willingness to do anything, promise anything, for the chance to succeed in a world where many would say she didn’t belong.

There were two types of death. Actual death, like the kind this poor woman had suffered, where the body and soul and everything was gone. Then there was the second kind of death—where the soul was stripped away, but the body continued on, going day to day, just existing in a shell of what once was

“But part of loving is sharing,” Lara responded. “Sharing hopes and fears, pain and loss, bodies and minds. Why else love?”

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