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Welcome to another posting of Elite Romance….In this post I want to share about my picks in my Swoony  Pairs that curled my toes and are beyond memorable.

Tom and Cassandra

I have always been stunned by the connection between these two, I have not been super impressed by this series, many couples within it other than (Book 2) have disappointed me but NOT this pairing. They won my heart over and I am more than pleased about that turn of events. And when you think of “swoony” these two definitely come to mind.

Marcus and Havily

I just adored seeing how Marcus and Havily fight for each other. Their love is so beautiful to read and I had a blast seeing it build in its intensity and genuine sincerity.

Ethan and Selenka

These two *sigh* they were so majestic together. And what I found most swoon worthy about them is seeing them fight, defend and support each other so unconditionally. We see this so rarely in romance, especially from the heroine. Selenka fought for Ethan just as he did for her in all the important of ways.

Brody and Maeve

We have seen their romance build throughout the whole series and now in this wondrous novel, we get to see it come to its fruition and its beautiful in every way. Kerrelyn Sparks did a wonder with this one and I couldn’t get enough. From beginning to end, I adored seeing them overcome the challenges ahead….together.

Sam and Kia

This has become one of my all time favorites to read, especially of this author. I have found that this book promoted such healthy boundaries established within a romantic relationship. I adored a hero that isn’t a doormat and stands up to his woman. I loved seeing their relationship build in such a positive healthy manner.

Gabriel and Julia

This couple was one that I never expected to be so gravitated towards. This is such a hyped couples but you know I fell in love with them. There is such a level of intensity and intimacy and growth within their story.

Ferro and Elisabeta

I adored this couple in every way and Feehan did wonders with this couple.  They have become one of my favorites that this author has ever crafter and one of the more memorable ones of this year. Seeing a hero uplift and accept the hero for who she is and not what others demand of her is breathtaking in every way.

Edward and Lenora

I adored this couple so much here! They were stunning in every way and one of the BEST books that this author has created.

Alex and Annie

I had such a fun time with these two, and this book was well worth the wait for it!! I adored seeing Alex and Annie together, I couldn’t seem to get enough of these two, but most especially the evolution of their romance, truly delightful.

Viktor and Valerie

Viktor and Valerie are a couple that are so highly addicting and I just wanted their story to never end. But its a story of darker elements in some ways, but seeing them fight for their future with great risk to themselves shows

Wolf and Mary

These two lovebirds are fantastic together, they both have fierce and fiery spirits and fight and defend each other. I really admired seeing what they are willing to sacrifice for each other.

Alessandro and Catalina

The passion and intensity of their pairing will make any reader weak willed…..I was captivated by every interaction between these two. It was so stunning to see what is building between these two.

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