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I have to admit that I had the opportunity to listen or read some fabulous books that have some sensual and evoking lovemaking scenes that were very compelling that I know those that love a beautiful sensual scene will appreciate within these.


this book is really steamy, what I have found with this book is that is does have some darker elements, so you do have to just “roll” with it, but the bed scenes are different than anything I have ever read before, but highly erotic if that is what you look for especially if you are a fan of darker themes in romance.

Maya Banks has added something more to these books and my favorite is still book one (although I still need to grab up the third book but man that is an expensive ebook at $15 but I was able to just grab it when it dropped to $1.99 -so just give you all a heads up if that put you off as well)

This is really a trilogy that you need to read in order but there is something about this author’s work especially her more steamier novels that just tie the knot there. The heat level in this book is phenomenal and I love how explosive their chemistry is.

This book y’all…..WHEW ….it was on fire all the way through. If you have an inkling for a Jafar and Jasmine retelling, than this book is for you.

Kristen Ashley bowled me over with this one here. To be honest I never thought that Dominatrix romance would be my thing or that any author could actually make a alpha sub happen and work in a romance novel, but why do I doubt this author??!! LOL This book was superb and yeah its really REALLY hot!

This story y’all…..its an epic fantasy romance (and I swear we need this much more in the romance genre) but I found that the “smexy” times between this couple are some of the sexiest I have read, most fantasy romance don’t get near to this hot even till the epilogue….if hot sex scenes are your jam ….you need Milla Vane in your life.

Laurann Dohner does such great work in this one and I can tell you she is queen at hot smexy scenes, I always admire how she builds such intimacy and emotional driven scenes blended with such sexual content.

Such a unique story and Nikki Sloane delivers in every way on her stories and I never know what to expect from her work but I definitely found that she delivers 100%

What are some of your favorite romance’s that feature your favorite Smexy moments? Let me know in the comments below!

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