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Welcome to another day of Elite Romance!!! Its been so much fun sharing with you all my favorite books and so today we are talking about new series that I am hooked on that I fell in love with

Consortium Rebellion

I first discovered this trilogy earlier this year and I am happy to see such a powerful sci if romance become such a success. I was pulled into this stunning world and it has an almost soap opera feel to it and I need more of this.


Legend Trilogy

I had such a blast with these books and loved their connection to the Mount Trilogy. But the chemistry between these two is superb, as always, with this author. I really admire the world building that this author has created within this trilogy.

The ‘Burg

oh my …these books are breathtaking and despite the slow starts to them, I adored seeing how all the books connected together and the friendships that are formed and the lovely romances that are built



I have been so impressed with this series….I still have book three to grab up but WOW this author actually made alpha subs work and it’s fantastic. I loved the intricate layering within these books.


The Perfect Gentleman

I have had a blast with this group of men and their feisty ladies who stand by them and the level of intrigue and mystery to the whole series is superb.

The Whiskeys: Dark Knights of Peaceful Harbor

oh man …this family. They are so addicting and I love their close knit relationship with each other as siblings. There is such a fun sense of sensuality and playfulness within these books.

Blood Brothers

This series is somewhat similar to her Sin Brothers series but boy I adored the level of intensity that was contained within these books. The intense suspense moments were so edgy and thrilling in many y aspects. I couldn’t get enough of this world and need more


Meghan March has become a favorite author of mine for a good reason, I just adore what she delivered with this series and a plus …I didn’t have to worry about cliffhangers …each book is read as a stand alone.

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