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Hurray!!!!! I can’t believe I read and reviewed 12 holiday romances in twelve days. I’m really surprised that I pulled it off but I’m so glad that I did it. It was really fun for me and I hope you had fun too.

❄️My Review❄️

Christmas at Yuletide was a really charming book. It was a fast, fun read that left me wanting more from this author.

At first I wasn’t really able to connect with the book, but by the third chapter it completely captured my attention and kept my interest until the last word.

Kate is a reporter and host a show where she gives in-depth view of different unusual jobs. She is sent on a special assignment to Yuletide farm to act as a farmhand for her show. Deacon on the other hand is in charge of his family business, Yuletide farm and is grumpy mother fucker. He has some scars from his previous relationship. He is stubborn, stuck in his ways and not a fan of Kate being there Initially. He does see reason later because the farm needs the publicity from her show.

My favourite part of a romance book is when the characters are getting to know each other. The stage before they fall in love and get all loved dovey. I loved that part of this book, it was an absolute joy to read. Kate is like the sunshine to Deacons’s grump. I loved seeing the soft side of Deacon beyond his grumpy exterior. Kate has also had it rough but I loved that her experiences didn’t make her a bitch.

It was a really sweet and enjoyable read. I liked the cover , very postcard worthy. This is definitely something you should add to your Tbr list.

My Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s A Wrap Guys !!!!!

Thank you for sticking with me throughout this journey.

It’s been a wonderful 12 days of Holiday romance.

I’m going to take a much needed break. I’m going to be back sooon.

Just because it’s still the holiday season. Love and light people.

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