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As many of you know, I wrote and released a series this year called Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church.  Three moms who meet at a Bible Study discover that one thing they have in common is an adult offspring, who for one reason or another, has stalled out in the Love Department.  The moms want to team up to remedy this problem.  They realize any actions they take need to be shrouded in secrecy.  Thus, they come up with a set of ground rules and get to work uncovering love.

From the very beginning of writing this series, it seemed that food kept finding its way into the stories.  The Matchmaking Moms love to cook, so that made sense.  Also, it was my own New Years Resolution to sample two new recipes a week in 2020, so I suppose the recipes were fresh in my mind as I wrote.  Since the series finale was published in October, it dawned on me what a fun project it would be if I created a Matchmaking Moms Cookbook, a collection of the food I used in the stories, write out the recipes, add a commentary of what each recipe means to me personally as the author, and offer it as a Christmas gift to readers.

Click right here to get your cookbook!

The cookbook is electronic.  If you want to download it to your Kindle, your Nook, your computer or whatever device, just click the link above and follow the directions.  Or, if you, like me, prefer to have the printed recipe sitting beside you on the counter as you cook, click to send the file to your computer, download the PDF and print it out.

Enjoy and bon appetit!

Here is an excerpt  from Finding Love for the Loner .  Winston and Tina are working together to prepare Summer Seafood Chowder, which is featured in the cookbook:

As March bloomed in Murrells Inlet, so did the flowers and the warm weather.  Tourists wearing bathing suits and carrying golf clubs flocked to the area for spring break.  Restaurants grew crowded and Winston and Tina avoided those popular with vacationers.  Instead, they either ate out at casual eateries that catered to locals, or they cooked together in his kitchen or hers.

Winston loved the routine they’d developed of seeing each other a few evenings a week, and every weekend.  One date he planned, followed by the next date of her planning.  This required him to step up his game and not fall into bad habits such as sitting in front of the TV with her each night.

Tonight, he stopped at the grocery store after work and picked up fresh shrimp, scallops, cream, bacon and baby potatoes.  He’d found a recipe on a website that sounded good, and he knew with Tina’s help, they could make it together for dinner.  When he arrived home, he laid all the ingredients on the counter as well as the recipe he’d printed out.

Tina arrived ten minutes after he’d changed clothes into khaki shorts and a soft, well-worn button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up.  She walked in without ringing the bell, partially because they were that familiar with each other now, and partially because Rebel grew agitated when the doorbell rang, and this way, the dog could celebrate the surprise of Tina’s arrival.

Tina held a stalk of something green in her hand, but he ignored it until after he’d welcomed her by pulling her into his arms, resting his face into the spot where her neck met her shoulder and breathed in her scent.  Placing his lips on hers for a quick kiss, he said, “Missed you today.”

She smiled happily.  “Missed you, too.”  She shook the greens at him.  “I had extra fresh parsley from the last recipe we made so I figured we could chop some and put it in the seafood chowder.”

He nodded.  “Good.  Recipe doesn’t call for it but it’s always good to improvise.”

“I can’t wait to get this going.”  She rubbed her hands and stalked into the kitchen.  “I haven’t had fresh shellfish in, I don’t know how long.”

They took their places at his counter, side-by-side, following the recipe, chopping, browning, stirring, until the full chowder was in the stockpot, thickening over a low heat.  They both stood and watched it form, their stomachs groaning for that first taste.

I’d love your thoughts on this:  do you like it when a story includes foody details like what the characters eat, what they cook, etc?  Does that add to the story or would you prefer it was left out?  I’ll give away one Kindle ebook copy to one random commenter.  I will select the winner on December 30.  The winner can choose his/her choice of one book in the Matchmaking Moms series.

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