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🎄My Review 🎄

What a nice read for Christmas. I really love the cover. It’s so simple yet charming.

Dani is a single mom of two girls who moves to a new town ( Haven Point) after her veterinary school invited her to his practice. Haven point is a small lovely town that really appeals to Her, because it’s the ideal town she wants her daughters to grow up in. Dani was quite guarded when she first moved to Haven point. She didn’t want anyone finding out about her ex’s wrong doing because she didn’t want it rubbing off on them. She does change her mind when her daughters have trouble fitting in which is when she accepts the help of Deputy Morales.

I really liked Ruben from the start. He was a really nice guy and he got Dani to open up more. He helps her and her daughters rediscover the magic of the holidays. Ruben actually brought light into their lives.I also like Ruben’s family, they were so patient and they had so much love to give.

Ruben and Dani had chemistry right from the start and it was very interesting to read. This book was so uncomplicated and easy to read. I loved the fact that it wasn’t as cheesy as other holiday books I’ve read. The characters have normal names for a start 😂😂. I was so happy when I didn’t see any cheesy Christmasy names like Holly, Noel, jolly or Even Sven.

It was a really cool read and a good way to relax alone after spending all day with my family.

My Rating: 🎄🎄🎄🎄

P.S: By the way I used Christmas trees instead of stars today because it’s Christmas!!

My Christmas Speech

I can’t believe I haven’t wished you guess merry Christmas. Well it’s never too late to say it, MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS!!!!

You guys have been the most wonderful readers ever. Starting a blog had always been in my heart for so long but I never had the courage to do it until the lockdown. I needed a way to get away from the stress of the real world and I just couldn’t be any happier right now for making that decision.

2020 has certainly not been an easy one. I’m from Nigeria and things have been really hard over here. In addition to the pandemic and lockdown, we had to deal with inflation, a nationwide protest and a whole lot of problems. I’m so thankful that All my family and friends are Alive,happy, and healthy . I can’t believe how lucky I am to celebrate this Christmas with my family ( except my elder sister, she lives in the Uk).

I really hope you guys had a great day and got to celebrate the holiday with your family. Even though 2020 has been a stressful year, everyone has something they are thankful to God for. We do hope for a better 2020, fingers crossed 🤞.

Christmas is the season of giving and spreading love and happiness to everyone around you. I really hope you made someone smile today with an act of kindness.

Thank you for reading my speech till the end. I Love you guys.

🎄Love🎄 Vovwe. .

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