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Your Santa Tonight by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Series: Country Love
Style: Romantic Comedy, Holiday Romance, Workplace Romance, Opposites Attract
Release Date: December 8, 2020

P.S: I can’t believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow 🥺 where did the time go? I certainly didn’t realise because I’ve been so stuck in the fictional world of Christmas I forgot about the real world. This is the 9th holiday romance I’ve read in 9 days and I’m not even a little bit tired. In case you forgot my 12 days of holiday romance special is still on and this is Day 9.

My Review

I can’t believe I waited till Day 9 to read this holiday romance gem. I absolutely loved it. But I’ve got just one question? What is it with holiday romance novels and cheesy character names. Our heroine here is named Holly Jolly, I laughed my ass out when I first saw the name.

So Holly Jolly ( 🤣🤣) has never celebrated Christmas because her parents are devout Jehovah’s witness. She doesn’t particularly like Christmas but when she gets a job offer from Saint Nicholsen to construct a ginger bread house in the lobby of his hotel she jumps all over it. Not because she likes the holiday but it’s the stepping stone in her career she needs.

Saint is all about the Christmas cheer, so when Holly brings her grinchy attitude to his hotel he makes it his mission to make her believe in the magic of the holiday.

This book was a total package. It gave me the feels of a good Hallmark holiday movie , had me laughing out loud ( my mom kept giving me strange looks) and had steamy scenes that Everyone wants in a romance. I loved the banter between Saint and Holly and in case I have t mentioned it before I love me some good banter , it makes the build up to the steamy scenes even better. All the characters in this book were equal parts entertaining and lovable. It had everything that an Opposite – attract Christmas rom-com should have.

Overall this book is a fun festive read and is highly recommended by yours truly. Don’t think twice, get this book and dive into the magical Christmas world of Holly and Saint.

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