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In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Standalone Holiday Contemporary Romance

I love Holiday books, and I always enjoy Christina Lauren. In a Holidaze was no exception. Its fluffy, Christmas cheeriness was exactly what I needed to get me in the holiday spirit.

Maelyn Jones has spent every Christmas since she was born at a cabin in Utah with two other families. One of the families has two sons. One is Mae’s age and one is a couple of years older, and he’s the one she has crushed on since junior high.

“If you put all of my favorite things in a Willy Wonka machine, I’m pretty sure Andrew Hollis is the candy that would come out.”

The cabin is her favorite place, but this is a rough year for Mae. Her life is falling apart and she just found out it may be the last Christmas there. After a major screw-up in a weak, drunk moment, Mae asks the universe to show her the path to happiness.

And Bam! The whole trip starts over again like Goundhog day, giving Mae another few chances to get it right.

I really enjoyed getting to know this family. There were a lot of characters introduced at the same time, but they were extras. We never really got to know any of them except stoner Uncle Benny, Andrew and Mae. Still, I loved their holiday traditions and the warm, loving way that they enjoyed the holidays together.

With some fun, sweet and loving moments, and a few that made me tear up, Christina Lauren brought a new holiday romance that may end up on my annual re-read list

“Don’t be coy, Andrew Polley Hollis, you know you’re my favorite thing.”


  • A warm, feel-good Christmas romance.
  • The family traditions.
  • Uncle Benny.
  • Sweet and heartwarming.
  • I loved the ending.


  • There were a lot of characters to get straight.
  • The time travel/groundhog day theme seemed to have just fizzled out by the end.

The Down & Dirty:

If Groundhog Day meets a Hallmark Christmas Movie sounds appealing to you, then In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren will fit the bill perfectly. This old-friends-to-lovers romance was filled with  friends, family, traditions, romance, and holiday spirit. I smiled, laughed, and teared up. What more could I want from a book?

Rating: 4 stars, 3.5 Heat

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