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I have had the opportunity to listen to some great audiobooks this year, although not as many as I would have liked, I didn’t listen to many audiobooks as I normally do every year so these picks will be a smaller amount than normal….but the ones I listened to were an amazing assortment.

I absolutely LOVE the narrator for these books, they really do so well in crafting these books beautifully. I have done two audio and one physical, and I definitely had a better experience through listening over reading.

I am newer to Kate Reading’s work but what I have listened to ….I have had a blast with. And she really made this book come alive.

I was lucky to get a good deal on this narration through amazon when I purchased the kindle book. I did read this book back and forth and I really liked what these duo narrator team handled this one, their character inflections were superb.

There is something so fun while listening to Carolyn Brown’s novels, I always tend to get a kick out of them way more and that is due to the narrators that they choose for her works. Just give that vibrant and real feel to the story.

So tell me what do you think of my choices here? What are some of your top picks of Audio Narrations of 2020?

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