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#Because2020 continued from the last time I wrote a blog here on Inspy Romance. On Thanksgiving Day, we took out our artificial Christmas tree, hoping to get it set up so our Youngest (Katie, Boo’s mom) could help with the decorations.

No such luck.

When we pulled out the bottom portion, we discovered the branches had somehow been placed into the box last year bent backward, resulting in floppy branches with no hope of salvation. But since we aren’t in a place this year to buy a new tree until the after-Christmas sale, we did what we could with pliers. Then, when we wrapped the colored lights around the tree, we discovered the red bulbs just aren’t working. Stubborn things!

Let’s just say our poor little tree could give Charlie Brown’s tree a run for its money.

We decided to laugh about it. The very top of the tree still kinda looks like a tree, and that’s all you can see from the street. Our cats are enjoying being able to sleep under the low branches without being disturbed. And Boo is more interested in the wrapped boxes around the tree than the tree itself.

Things are definitely different all around this year. Katie and Boo will be over on Christmas Eve to play games instead of singing carols at the midnight mass. Boo is super clever and totally holds his own in adult “thinking” board games. So, our traditions this year might be different, but I’m still looking forward to celebrating Christ’s birth with at least some of my family.

In my Christmas novella The Cowgirl’s Christmas Gift, VR-wearing, socially awkward geek Cameron Flynn’s Christmas is thrown almost as much as if a pandemic hit when he suddenly becomes the guardian of his two six-year-old nephews. Here’s the blurb:

When a couple of mischievous six-year-old twins show up on Maisey Gray’s property and scare her horses, she’s ready to let their VR glasses-wearing, socially awkward guardian have a piece of her mind. She soon learns there’s much more to Cam than meets the eye, but he’s the twins’ permanent guardian and she isn’t mother material. Can an adorable set of twins, a snowstorm and a wild horse bring this cowgirl a Christmas gift she’ll remember forever?

Cam didn’t move to Hope, Wyoming in search of romance, but when he suddenly becomes the guardian of his sister’s twins, he needs neighbor Maisey’s help more than ever to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true. Celebrating Christmas with Maisey creates a special bond. But is it virtual reality, or is it the start of a forever family?

Cam was my first ever geek hero and was such a joy to write. Completely different from my alpha cowboys, I found a real soft spot in my heart for Cam.

How is Christmas different for you this year?

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Publisher’s Weekly Bestselling, award-winning author of 30 novels, Deb Kastner enjoys writing contemporary inspirational western stories set in small communities. She feels especially blessed to be able to include faith as a natural and genuine part of her characters’ lives.
Deb lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and a pack of miscreant mutts. She is blessed with three adult daughters and two grandchildren. Her favorite hobby is spoiling her grandchildren, but she also enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music (The Texas Tenors are her fav), singing in the church choir, and exploring the Rocky Mountains on horseback.

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