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I have discovered some wonderful heroines this past year that are sweet, strong, courageous and beyond endearing and easy to relate to. These women are an inspiration, I love seeing them face unique challenges and rise above and grow beyond what they are in the beginning.

Catalina is a strong and vibrant heroine and she has special magical abilities but she is also kind and caring and the heart of her family and she is sensitive to others in a way we don’t see in too many ladies in the UF genre.

Catarina is practically a princess but is highly overlooked by her family. What I loved about her the most is how relatable she was. She needs to prove to herself and to her family and others that she is more than capable and we see how she practically saves everyone by using her creative genius and inner core of strength.

Lizzan is a character that has been betrayed in the worst of ways but is still strong and courageous and doesn’t let anything or anyone defeat her. I love how she strives continually in being better and yet also determined to not let anyone demean her. She is a fierce fighter and adore her passion and zest we see rise within her.

Liz is a fantastic heroine and I loved every part of her character that we see within this book and this whole series and she is a perfect match for Matt. She is kind and graceful and such a steady rock, She stands her ground and learns to fight for the man she loves in the fiercest of ways and I admired her tenacity to get things done.

I truly think that this author saved the best heroine for last because I adored Maeve so much. She is probably my top fav out of all the women that we see within this series. She is creative, playful, takes the initiative and willing to sacrifice to do what is right. I truly admired her willingness to find the right path that was best and never give up fighting for that goal in mind.

Kleypas writes some of the most memorable heroines and this holds true for her latest release that she has here. Cassandra is bold yet kind and gracious and has a heart of gold and is passionate. I love how she just takes into account what is needed and delivers on that aspect. She was true perfection and I related with her so well.

Evie is such a unique character and she has a drive and spirit that is really unique amongst the genre. This author did a splendid job in showcasing her fine qualities while all along you are cheering her on. She goes through such a wonderful journey and I adored seeing her courage and strength being revealed with every chapter.

Zara is a heroine that I was drawn to immediately and I couldn’t seem to get enough of her. I just wanted to fight along side her with the wild ride that she is taken on and I really liked how she adapted so well to each new situation she was put in. She is no pansy this lady and I only wanted to see more of her in the end.

Selenka is a delicious heroine and boy did I love her character SO much. My favorite aspect of her character is the way that she fights for her mate. Its not easy being an alpha to a pack, but she does her duties and also sees to her man and makes sure he is taken care of on all levels. I really admire a lady that fights for her man.

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