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So this is our first day of our ELITE ROMANCE series that we do every year. So this is I share all of my personal favorite book boyfriends of the books that I was able to read this year. So lets delve into that beautiful masculinity I adore and LOVE!!

This is a book I just actually read but I loved it so much here. The hero that is contained within this story is ALPHA but the kind that I love. He has a rich heritage and he definitely embraces the masculine traits that come from both worlds. What I really admired is how he is willing to fight for those he loves, he is a protector, a realist and embraces his identity fully and isn’t ashamed of it.

I found Alessandro to be so adorable, and I was hooked on his character. I love his sense of humor and how playful he can be. He really has a balance to his personality I enjoyed and can handle a gun properly. LOVE it.

I truly love seeing how Emma Chase brings the best heroes to light in her books, and the hero we find in this wonderful book is delicious in all the wonderful ways. I love how supportive he is of the woman he loves, and stands by her no matter what. He is such a steady rock and reliable.

Kristen Ashley writes the best book boyfriends in my opinion. I know that isn’t shared by every romance reader, however, I also am a sucker for a good alpha male. And she writes them so well. In this one, I really had so much fun with Boone. He is the type of hero that looks out for the heroine, when she needs it even if she doesn’t care for it at times. I respected seeing him value her and see her needs and meet them.

Oh boy this hero was so delicious. I loved him in every way, and it was this hero that got me hooked into this author to be honest. He is so good with children and dedicated to being a honorable man and doing what is right. I admired seeing a hero embrace that part of himself and not fear it.

There is nothing better than a Frost novel and she always delivers on her heroes and Ian is no different. I actually find his character so intriguing, I love how he makes things so fun but is such a protector

Devan is such a sweet and strong hero, I love how stable of a character he is. He is a vicar (which is one of the favorites of career choices for males in historicals) he is the type of hero you marry.

Alex is a delight in this book and I was so warmed by his character. He is a protector and provider in the most truest sense of it. He is intelligent, caring and aware of the heroine in a way that you don’t see very often in a story.

Ferro is one of the best alpha males that this author has ever written in my opinion. He is perfect for our heroine. I admired his strength and such wisdom that he carries. He sees what his mate needs and provides it whether its on a physical, emotional or spiritual need. He understand her and only wishes her to be safe and happy and supports her fully.

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