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Dream Chaser (Dream Team 2) by Kristen Ashley

Contemporary Romance. Can stand alone, but better if you read the first in the series, Dream Maker.

I am a huge fan of Kristen Ashley, and her books are like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day. I have been having trouble reading rather than listening to books lately, but it seems like I may not have that problem with my tried and true favorite authors because I dove right into Dream Chaser and didn’t come up for air until I finished.

The Dream Team books feature the strippers from Smithies, but we get visits from the Rock Chick, Dream Man and Chaos series throughout (See my Complete Guide to Kristen Ashley). Now that Lottie has found her guy in Mo the commando, she wants all her girls to find her happiness, so she is setting them all up with commandos. And this folks, is the making of a Dream Team.

“I was really, really lucky I had these really good guys.”

Ryn is a stripper at Smithies. Her real desire is to flip houses. She bought her first flip, but because of a family situation, she is so busy watching her brother’s kids and giving his family money that she can’t work on the house. In fact, she needs to strip more to afford to take care of them.

For me, the key to loving a book is loving the characters, especially the heroine. And I loved Ryn. She is loyal, happy, and kind, maybe to a fault. I especially love when the heroine has a great group of girlfriends. Dream Chaser had the potential to be great in that area, but I felt like a lot of the girlfriend stuff was off-screen. I would have liked to have seen it more.

“I want to take you out to dinner. I want to take you to my bed. And eventually, I wanna tie you to it. And I’m used to getting what I want.”

I really loved Boone, though he messed up pretty badly. He’s wanted Ryn for a while and she wouldn’t go there. But in typical KA style, the damsel was in distress, and Boone and the Commandoes drove in on their white steeds. In fact, Hawk’s commandoes, Nightingale investigations, and Chaos all pitched in to help.

I was a little worried about the BDSM aspect of the storyline. I just wasn’t in the mood for a ton of kinky sex instead of story. I was actually very pleased with that aspect of the book. It was hot, but it wasn’t a gigantic part of the story. Boone and Ryn were perfect for each other, and they had amazing communication.


  • Had the old-school KA feel.
  • Sexy BDSM scenes, but they were never overwhelming.
  • Visits from so many favorite characters.
  • Got me out of a bit of a reading rut.
  • It was a fun, feel-good read with romance, drama, and excitement.
  • A sassy heroine and a dominant alpha hero.


  • As much as I say I like the old-school feel, sometimes Dream Chaser felt a little old fashioned. Feminists might really be disappointed in this. Nowadays men just can’t walk in and take over a woman’s life, but this is what KA heroes do.
  • I felt like a lot of the stuff happened off page and we were told about it after.

The Down & Dirty:

There is nothing like the feel of reading a Kristen Ashley book. In the misery of this pandemic, Kristen Ashley provides the ultimate comfort read. There was nothing particularly new about Dream Chaser. The heroine has a shit family that got her involved in stuff that she needed an alpha man to force his way into her life to protect her. It’s the plot of many of Kristen Ashley’s books, but I eat them up like candy and Dream Chaser is no exception. I can’t wait until we get Axl and Hattie’s book!

Rating: 4 Stars, 4.5 Heat

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