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I’m not a stranger to Annabelle Costa’s writing. I’ve read one other novel of hers and I really loved it just as much as I loved this one.

I really loved that our heroine is the Scrooge this time. I’ve read a lot of A Christmas Carol retellings but I really liked this one because it’s totally different from the others. Ms Scrooge is a clever and fun parody of the timeless classic. Annabelle costa has given us a revamped and witty Ebenezer Scrooge story.

Elizabeth is a classic Scrooge. She’s a workaholic who is very focused on her career and doesn’t care much about anything else ( or Christmas). She is also a formidable and Cold business woman that fired her secretary Few days to Christmas and cancelled her office’s Christmas party. Elizabeth hasn’t dated in years but when our geeky and too hot to handle hero sends a drink over to her in the bar she can help but fall for him at least, for the night.

There is a lot of office drama in this book and it only makes things more interesting . Elizabeth is fighting for the position of CEO and is at the same time receiving video chats from her dead boss and mentor. Elizabeth also gets glimpses of her past, present and future, fun times.

Annabelle Costa certainly did justice to her characters, their story was so wonderful it certainly deserves the 5 stars I’m going to give it. Tim is such a lovable character with his big heart and nerdy brain and Elizabeth is a character I can’t help but admire in some ways. I loved watching her heart thaw bit by bit.

You’ll certainly enjoy reading this fantastic holiday romance that will warm up your heart just like I did. I suggest that you pick up this charming book and get reading.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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