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It’s Christmas time! How’s the shopping going? This time next week we’ll all be celebrating!

My publisher has one of my novels on sale. Rich in Love is on sale for .99 cents.


While Rich in Love isn’t a Christmas novel, the second novel in the series, Rich in Hope, is a Christmas novel.

Rich in Hope is set in Florida. Jenny wants nothing more than to be alone for a few days before her best friend joins her. Instead, her best friend’s brother, Stephen, comes home early, and finds Jenny there, in his house, the solitary getaway interrupted. Between Stephen and a blind girl named Phoebe, Jenny finds there’s more to life than her career, her career that is now jeopardized, because of a scar on her face. No one wants a model with a scar.

A lot of writers I know have what they call the ‘story of their heart.’ The ‘book they had to write.’ This was not that book for me, but this book was very special in so many ways. God worked through this book bringing it full circle. Some aspects I didn’t even see until I was reading the rough draft, for the third time? It’s crazy how story works.

How God works.

What a wonderful time of the year! God sent His son for us, and Christmas is a time to celebrate the love God has shown all of us. Christmas seems to relax some people, and at times it gives people different lenses to view their family, their job, their friends. And this year is especially precious. I pray all of you can see your loved ones somehow someway. I pray the light and love of Christmas touch you and you will touch others.

And adding to my Christmas fun I read Christmas romances. I watch Christmas movies, I listen to Christmas songs. My daughter and her husband just had a baby girl, so our Christmas joy has already begun, literally. Her name is Natalie Joy! She’s beautiful.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

So, our question today is what is your favorite Christmas story format? Books, movies, or music? One commenter will receive an e copy of my book Rich in Hope.

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