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Merry CHRISTmas to all the IR readers! I’ve had a couple chats regarding the season and many of you, myself included, are dragging. It’s been a tough year and digging deep to celebrate has been a chore. For me, being intentional about the birth of Christ and spending time reading and in prayer hasn’t been the hard part. It’s the traditions and shopping. I’m just not feeling it yet.

What I am feeling is all things romance. Although my growing up years included reading all those 80’s teen romances and crying over Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink, I come across in person as stoic. When my husband proposed, I didn’t cry. My roommate called my mom to tell her before I had the chance. I’m working to not appear as robotic, but I’m not overly emotional.

Lately though, I’ve been full of swoon (is that a thing? I feel like it is.) thanks to my husband. Because of a family emergency, we were apart for the better part of six weeks. Honestly, it felt much longer for both of us. For me, I had a lot of fast decisions to make and face so much of the unknown. I was homesick. When I returned, Tom offered, and continues to offer his full support.

There are days he doesn’t know if he’ll be greeted by a wife that barely slept, or a woman on the verge of tears. The emotions are coming out and it doesn’t feel natural, but I know for a healthy healing, I need to process it all. Tom’s been there for it all. He’s also announced he learned in the time apart he enjoys doing dishes and has taken the bulk of that on. I mean, WOW.

Reuniting with him reminds me of my current hero and heroine in Anchoring Hearts, coming this winter. This is my first romance where they have lots in common, almost too much. I’m used to writing opposites attract with the female usually the “alpha” character. Anchoring Hearts features Jordyn Hart and Spencer Collins, two morning show anchors who are drawn to each other but have control issues. They are both oldest siblings known to be protective of family. Addiction plays a part in their life story, but for different reasons and results. And for that, the two can’t seem to catch a break to end up together.

Tom and I are introverts who enjoy technology and action movies. It’s weird as a romance author I’d choose any Fast and Furious movie over a rom-com, unless it’s The Proposal. We have more in common than not, and when I worried that having two characters with a lot in common would be a turn-off, I remember the encouragement we receive for our marriage. People enjoy visiting us because they know our home is quiet and safe. We want people to feel welcome and loved, and achieve it with our similar style. He’s had my back during this season because he knows what I need and consistently fed me affirming words and hugs.

In the case of Jordyn and Spencer, there are conflicts and rising stakes that have my critique partners excited to turn the pages.

Years ago I heard financial counselor Larry Burkett share that “if you both have everything in common, one of you is unnecessary.” I ask, when it comes to reading romance, do you agree? Do you enjoy the total opposites and their firefights, or the sparks between two with things in common?

I’d love for you to meet the Hart family by enjoying my free preview of the SurrenderingHeart series PLUS a sneak peek at Anchoring Hearts. Each Hart sextuplet will have their own story, and just because they are family doesn’t mean they have everything in common. I really think you’re going to enjoy this family. You can learn more and download it HERE.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. In the name of Jesus, I believe the best is yet to come. Amen!

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