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See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn

See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn

Narrated by Zachary Webber and Erin Mallon

RomCom Standalone. 

It’s been a while since I read a Meghan Quinn book. She has been one of my favorite authors for years, but this year I missed a few. I am so happy to read her again and be reminded of why she was a favorite to begin with. See Me After Class made me laugh out loud and swoon at the same time, Megan’s signature.

Greer is a new English teacher at an elite school. She is upbeat and excited to teach, and she has some new and unconventional ways of reaching the kids. Arlo Turner is the head of the English department, and the stick is so far up his ass it’s a wonder it’s not coming out his mouth. I loved Greer, but Arlo took way longer to like. The pompous ass was rude, condescending, and patronizing. Greer agreed, and the two started out hating each other.

Greer was fun! She enlisted her new teacher friends to help play all sorts of pranks on Arlo, but “Mr. Turns-Me-On” wasn’t playing along. There was certainly sexual tension between them, but there was also a rivalry between two teachers with totally different styles.

“Arlo Turner. The bane of my existence, annoyance to my sanity, and the only man who has ever made me want to spread my legs in a classroom.”

See Me After Class was loosely based on Pride and Prejudice, and it was cool the way Meghan Quinn wrote Pride and Prejudice into this story. If you are a fan of Mr. Darcy, you MUST read See Me After Class.

Midway through the book, Arlo changed pretty abruptly from curmudgeonly asshole to dreamy alpha. It was a great change but it happened so quickly it was a little strange. I liked the new Arlo, I just wish we got to enjoy a little more of him with Greer in the end.

“Anyone can make me come, Arlo, but it’s the one who makes me feel special that I miss.”

I enjoyed the slow burn, and I loved the banter, but the group of friends really made this book special. If you are a regular Meghan Quinn reader, you will recognize some characters, but you don’t need to read anything first.


  • Megan makes you laugh, but also makes you feel.
  • A great new cast of characters (with some familiar ones that pop up as well).
  • I enjoyed the friendship group dynamics and I hope we visit this group more.
  • Keiko was awesome. I’d love a novella with her.
  • Arlo was super alpha in the bedroom.
  • The extra short story at the end, Date Night, was fun and unique.


  • Arlo took a little effort to warm up to.
  • The turnaround Arlo made was a bit abrupt from ONE therapy session.
  • The ending just kind of left me wanting more, it was a bit more Happily for Now than HEA.

The Narration:

The narration MADE THIS BOOK! Erin Mallon has such great comedic timing and Megan’s writing is perfect for it. Zachary Webber did a great job with the cranky but sexy Arlo as well. Erin had me laughing out loud just from her tone of voice. This is a book where I am really glad I waited for audio.

The Down & Dirty:

Fans of Pride and Prejudice, See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn is a must-read for you. We have the older, cranky, pompous hero, and the younger, fun and sweet heroine. The hate-to-love banter and the whole friend group dynamic were my favorite things in See Me After Class. There were many times I laughed out loud, and Erin Mallon’s delivery made everything funnier. But Meghan doesn’t just write funny. Her books are intelligent and have heart. While Arlo took a bit longer to warm up to than most of Meghan’s heroes, in the end, I really loved reading See Me After Class, and I hope to read more from this group of friends.

Rating: 4.25 Stars, 4 Heat, 5 Narration

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