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🎵 One The First Day Of Christmas My True Love gave to me…. Holiday with you by…. 🎵

Wait that doesn’t work quite well…. You the point anyway. Welcome to Day 1 of holiday romance books. Holiday with you is the first book on my list. I read this in between watching episodes of Holiday Baking championship on food network ( I’m super addicted to the show by the way) and listening to Micheal bublé Christmas playlist.

Claudia Burgoa and Grahame Claire have come together to write this hot new standalone that will certainly get you feeling cheery and full of the holiday spirit. It’s a flirty fun romance that will get you excited for the holidays.

Audrey Reed is sent by Her Bitch of a Boss ( We hate her by the way) to find an elusive B&B owner who doesn’t want to be found, Just Before Christmas. You can see why we hate her right? Anyways her mission is to find the owner and convince her to sell the property to her boss. She goes to small picturesque town winter valley, Colorado. That’s where all the holiday magic happens.

The journey to Winter valley starts out a little bumpy with a missing luggage and a collision with a hot hot single dad. In between finding the owner of the B&B she falls in love with Colin , his adorable daughter , his family and the entire town.

I loved this book from start to finish. They fell in love a little too fast but this is an holiday romance so who cares right? The scene I loved the most was the tree picking scene. It held so much significance for me, it also made me wish we do things like that where I’m from.

This book certainly gave me feels, good good feels. I couldn’t stop smiling reading this book from start to finish. This book will put you in the holiday mood and get you ready for Christmas. This is a top choice for holiday books to read this season in case you are looking for one.

This book deserves 5 Santa’s hats but since I only have good old plain stars it’ll have to do.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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