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2020 is certainly a year we will all be glad to see behind us, even if the future is uncertain and at times a little daunting, the new year probably holding the same challenges as this one did. At least much of that won’t catch us by surprise as 2020 did.

But we do need 2021 to be sweeter, don’t we? Well, the Mosaic authors have been guarding a surprise for weeks, something we believe will brighten readers’ 2021 and help with those what-can-I-get-so-and-so-for-Christmas ideas.

One of life’s best comforts is cuddling up with a great book, but chronicling the books you read can be a challenge.

That’s why The Mosaic Collection’s highly organized and talented Virtual Assistant, Camry Crist, created our stunning 2021 Mosaic-exclusive companion journal for book lovers, Totally Booked. We envisage a readers’ journal being an annual addition to The Mosaic Collection books. Best of all, this offering comes just in time for Christmas and is available in paperback and hardcover versions.

The journal starts with a beautiful page where readers can place their stamp of ownership.

Mosaic author, Lorna Seilstad, wrote a wonderful introduction …

Totally Booked includes 10 sections which are expanded with sample pages in this blog:

  • Mosaic Authors
  • 2020: Year in Review
  • 2021: The Coming Year
  • 2021: A Closer Look
  • Give the Gift of Stories
  • 120 Books: Tracker & Reading Log
  • Reviews: Organize Your Thoughts
  • 2021: Year in Review
  • The Best of the Best
  • 2022: The Coming Year

The various sections are interspersed with beautiful scriptures and more…

Filled with tools specifically requested by avid readers, this 12-month dated companion journal:

  • introduces readers to authors in The Mosaic Collection,

To learn more about each author and to discover her books, visit www.mosaiccollectionbooks.com/about-the-authors

  • simplifies book tracking,

  • streamlines review writing,

  • and collects readers’ favorite quotes.

Readers will be able to:

  • remember their favorite books, quotes, authors, and new releases as they look back on 2020 (and 2021),

  • anticipate new releases and events, compile TBR wishlists, and set fresh challenges for 2021,

  • plan each month in greater detail as they consider goals and track reading minutes, favorite books and quotes,

  • keep a list of the people to whom they’ve loaned books,

  • track monthly goals, reading minutes, and unfinished books,

  • log up to 120 books and review up to 150 in a year (tips for writing great book reviews included),

  • and identify their favorite book of 2021.

There are also fun things for readers to do like coloring in books on a shelf for each book or short story they’ve read that’s written by a Mosaic author, reading challenge ideas, keeping track of books to tell friends to read as well as books they’ve been given or want to give.

For further reading about Totally Booked, Chautona Havig, one of Mosaic’s newly-joined authors whom I’m so enjoying getting to know, not only in the Mosaic authors but also in the recently released on preorder Save the Date boxed set, has written a humorous and enjoyable review of this Mosaic reader’s companion on Celebrate Lit’s #BecauseFiction magazine.

If you know a book lover (or ARE a book lover), there’s plenty of time to order Totally Booked in hardcover (full-color interior) or paperback (black-and-white interior) before Christmas — it’s the perfect gift for book lovers. As a paperback, Totally Booked travels easily and with its gorgeous cover, it’s a charming gift for mothers, sisters, girlfriends, book lovers, avid readers, book club members, influencers, bloggers, and book reviewers.

If you purchase a copy, the Mosaic authors would appreciate your feedback to aid in designing the 2022 companion journal. Feel free to leave comments at www.mosaiccollectionbooks.com/totally-booked

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a blessed Christmas and a better 2021. Thank you for being faithful readers this year.

To be included in the giveaway of a paperback copy of Totally Booked to one randomly-drawn winner, simply comment on this post by Friday, December 18th.

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