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Dashing Through The No (Summersweet Island 3) by Tara Sivec

Holiday Romantic Comedy. Can Stand Alone.

I haven’t been reading actual books that much this year, but I always make an exception for Tara Sivec books. I also love Christmas books, so Dashing Through the No was just perfect for me. While it’s the third standalone in the amazing Summersweet Island series, it’s more of a crossover with A Christmas Cliche (if you haven’t read that go get it right now!) and we get a whole lot of one of my favorite Tara Sivec characters, Millie, who is like Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek but funnier and that’s saying a lot!

“My third wedding was in a bathroom at Vin Diesel’s house, and Adam Levine officiated.”

I am a stoner, so I especially liked the story of Bodhi, the pothead surfer/golf caddy, and Tess, the angry fire starter. I loved the contradiction between Bodhi’s lighthearted, fun, Christmas-loving nature, and Tess’s grumpy, grinchy one. Bodhi has been trying to propose to Tess but keeps screwing up. She’s been stressed and angry, so Bodhi surprised her with a mountain vacation to get away from the Christmas craziness at home.

“Call me adorable one more time, and I will slit your throat with this butter knife.”
“You know it just turns me on when you threaten me with utensils.”

Little did they know they would be walking into an explosion of Christmas at Redinger House, the Bed and Breakfast from A Christmas Cliche, including Allie and Jason, and Bodhi’s old friend Millie and all the ridiculousness that goes with it.

I love the change of pace Tara’s books give me. I love that the guys aren’t macho alphas, in fact, just the opposite. But they are fun and sexy and ridiculous in their own ways. If I had a choice of who to spend my life with, the grunty, broody alpha, or the guy that made every day fun, fun wins, hands-down.

“I love it when Tess orders me around. Totally gets my dick hard.”


  • It was absolutely ridiculous and made me laugh out loud a lot.
  • Millie! She is one of my favorite characters ever.
  • I will never not crack up during I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.
  • I love how the tables are turned and she is the angry alpha.
  • The crossovers from other books, with a few cute sneaky ones.
  • I really want the Santa Bong.
  • Despite the silliness, we actually got to know the characters and what makes them tick.
  • Another awesome, fun Christmas read from Tara Sivec.


  • Tess’s angry fire starting may have been a little too much.

The Down & Dirty:

Nobody makes me laugh like Tara Sivec. I love romantic comedy, but Tara’s are over-the-top ridiculous in a good way, without ever feeling like they are trying too hard. Dashing Through The No is Tara’s third Christmas novel, and I love them all so much. She has such a knack for combining crazy with sweet, and she never fails to make me literally laugh out loud. I loved Tess and Bodhi, but I must say, getting a heaping serving of Millie was my favorite part of this book! I hope this comes out in audio for next year because I can’t wait to read it again.

Rating: 5 Stars, 4 Heat
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