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So something happened last Sunday night, I started to get sick. Now at first I didn’t think it was Covid. There was construction happening in our apartment, and my roommate (loves to leave the windows open–which is why I hibernate in my room because its unliveable) and our apartment was freezing all day. So I actually thought that was why I was sick. And all I had was the sniffles so I really thought it was just that. But then three days later, my parents called to let me know they got Covid as did my youngest brother who lives with them and we probably got it at Thanksgiving. But its all pretty light symptoms. It just sucks not being able to work but thankfully I have savings. But hey now I can go donate plasma and make a fortune (and yes they pay a LOT if you have the anti bodies from fighting Covid) So gotta look at those silver linings. My reading has picked up this week though and as I am rushing to get as much as I can get read before the end of the year. But we are decorated for the Christmas season. Even though we can’t do much for it, I love having a festive home and we did put them up earlier than normal this year.

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This book is part of my Romance-opoly reading challenge so many of my books for December (other than Christmas reads) will be towards it) I am really excited for this one and its been a while since I read a NA.

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I am LOVING this book so far, this whole fake relationship is HOT and man I am loving the hero.

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So tell me how was your first week into December? Getting caught up on some last minute reads? Are you getting ready for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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