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Happy December, Friends!

I’m shocked and amazed we made it to the last month. But I’m so very excited that the Christmas season has kicked off. A time to watch Christmas movies, read lots of good books, and shop for the friends and family in my life. In fact, it’s the shopping that led me to write this post.

You see I have lots of reader friends and I wanted to make sure I got them something perfectly bookish. And since I figure we could all use a good list of Christmas ideas, I’d thought I’d help you shop (if you haven’t finished yet like me).

For the warm beverage enthusiast:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a reader in possession of a mug, must be in want of something to fill it with.

Do you have that friend who is always reaching for a cup of coffee or tea? Or maybe their a seasonal fan and like to partake in hot chocolate or apple cider. Well, look no further. Here are a couple of things they need in their life.

Mug –  Head on over to Society6 to find the perfect bookish mug.

Coffee – is there a such thing as too much coffee? My coffee drinking friends certainly don’t think so. Check out Blk & Bold for your next brew. (Did I even say that right?)

Tea – we all know where the real sophistication lies. 😉 Tea for All Reasons has a great literary selection.

For the friend in need of warmth:

If you have a friend that is always cold (ahem, me) and wishes winter would feel like the tropics, then these gift suggestions are perfect for them. Get them one or two items from below and they’ll be grateful (and warm!).

Blanket – this is actually a no brainer. They probably already have one, but there is no such thing as too many. OldNavy has some fleece blankets you can choose from.

Socks – cold feet or a terrible thing to try and warm up. But with these literary choices from Out of Print, your warm loving friend can stay warm in style!

Scarves – Nothing could be better than wrapping yourself up with a beautiful scarf printed with words from your favorite classics. Storiarts is a great place to find a scarf (or fingerless gloves b/c brrr!).

For the fashionable one:

Do you have a friend who always has some cute bookish accessories? You know those typewriter earrings, bookish scarf, etc? Well, add these items to that friends wardrobe and keep them in bookish style!

Earrings – There are so many to choose from and you can’t go wrong. Amazon has some “Chapter One” “The End” earrings if you’re so inclined.

Bookish t-shirt – Clothes that share your love for your hobby is fantastic until someone has a question for this introvert. Nevertheless, I continue to add to my collection (I have five or six bookish t-shirts) and your fashion friends will love more too. Head on over to CreateExploreRead for some picks.

For the book enthusiast:

That friend who loves to sniff the pages of a freshly printed book will appreciate these bookish accessories to keep them reading in style.

Bookmarks – you can never have too many. Watercolor bookmarks, magnetic clip ones, crocheted ones, etc. If it fits between the pages of a book, they’re in luck! Etsy has many to choose from.

Reading light – because sometimes other people in your household want to sleep. Who knew?! Head on over to B&N for an amazing selection.

To Read or Not to Read – is a great literary book to help you keep track fo your TBR pile. Head on over to Ink and Willow for these treasure.

Book cozy – Want to keep your paperback pristine as you’re reading? Grab a book cozy while on the move. (Psst: works for Kindles too). I got mine at The Literary Thimble.

For the cozy home lover:

Bookish ornaments – I have a bunch save on my Amazon wishlist but I know that you can find these on Etsy and other places as well. Hey, you could be creative and head on over to Pinterest for a do-it-yourself gift.

Candles – nothing makes a cozy home more than a great scented candle. Bonus points if it has a bookish theme. Head on over to Novelly Yours Candles and go wild! Oh and don’t forget to shop for that friend. 😉

Book shelves – let’s be honest. None of us have enough of these. I’d check out your local stores for these.

And because we all love them:

Gift cards – let’s face it, a bibliophile will never have enough books. If you don’t know what they already own or are afraid you’d get them something they won’t like, a gift card is a gift that keeps on giving. Especially if there’s an ebook sale. Get one from their favorite book shop or online retailer.

And since I’d like to start off your Christmas shopping, I’ll give away a $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky person. Comment by 12/4/20 at 2:00pm EST and I will choose one random commentator.

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